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Smooth coated border collie Pippin's doing really well in her new home.

Pippin – Super Little Sheepdog and Super Mum!

Great things come in small packages! "Hi Andy. Just to let you know the dogs have settled in lovely. Pippin ... Read More
How to teach your herding dog to work on whistle commands

The Sheepdog Whistle. Tune-in With Our Training Tutorials!

Watch the "Sheepdog Whistle" tutorials to get your dog moving There are some common misconceptions about whistles and sheepdogs. The ... Read More
Our featured image showing the sixteen currencies we accept for secure payments online

More Choice at the Checkout!

We're making it easier, and safer, to pay by card We're delighted to see we have subscribers to our Online ... Read More
Close-up photo of two very smiley sheepdogs Glen and Dot, in the back seat of a car.

Fifteen years ago these two changed our lives

Little did we know what was around the corner! This photo of Dot and Glen in the boot of Gill's ... Read More
Sheepdog Carew standing on a tree stump - looking wonderful!

Sometimes I Really Miss Carew!

Since Carew left here, Kay's hearing has deteriorated badly, and occasionally we're stuck for a skilled dog It's hard to ... Read More
Photo of ten or more puppies crowded into a bed. Nearly all of the pups are looking towards the camera and looking bright and cheerful!

Too Many Puppies in One Bed!

Lots of memories, but was it really six years ago today? We couldn't resist showing you this photo of a ... Read More
Photo of a border collie clambering through a fence to get away from the sheep in the background

New Tutorial: Starting a Non-Starter!

A TWO-PART tutorial on how you can tempt your dog to start working sheep or cattle when it really doesn't ... Read More
Closeup photo of a black and white rough coated sheepdog staring intensely at something. This can be a sign that the dog has what's known as too much eye

Too much eye? There’s a tutorial for that!

Watch the "Sticky Dogs" tutorial to get your dog moving Some years ago I kept my first training sheep in ... Read More
Herding Sheepdog Kay shows her great courage as she calmly and confidently removes some sheep from a very dark confined space

Scary Place 2 (The Sequel)

Kay shows her daughter Jet how to get sheep out of a Spooky Black Hole!Watch the VIDEO below! There was ... Read More
Two rough coated border collie puppies in the foreground facing the camera with another one sniffing around in the background

Is it wise to buy more than one puppy?

The short answer is "no - it's a bad idea". From time to time, people ask if they can buy ... Read More