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NEW Tutorial – Flock Work

Photo of a flock of sheep crowding through a gateway with a sheepdog in the background making sure they all go through.
Is your dog ready to handle a flock of sheep? Go straight to the Flock Work Tutorial, or to the Tutorials Library page. Once your dog can control a small number of sheep reasonably well in the training field, it's ... Read more

FAQ – How to progress from training, to flock work

A trainee sheepdog bringing a small group of sheep
QUESTION: How do you go from training a dog to collect six dogged sheep, to collecting a hundred or more flighty sheep, scattered around in a field? ANSWER: In a word, gradually!Good training should progress at a rate the student ... Read more

Featured tutorial – Eve at the Pen

Photo of a sheepdog bringing a small flock into a handling pen
Many of our online tutorials include actual training sessions with a trainee dog. No training happens in isolation so, as well as the main topic of the tutorial, any training session can highlight other aspects of the dog's work - ... Read more

Special membership offer for November and December 2021

Special membership offer for November and December 2021
A one-off 12 month subscription to our online training tutorials would be an ideal gift for anyone who's training, or thinking of training, a sheepdog. New one-year subscriptions, paid for between 7th November and 31st December 2021, will be valid ... Read more

Featured Tutorial: Backwards is The Way Forward

Sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless walking backwards as his dog brings the sheep up to him steadily
Wondering whether to work on flanks, stop, or working distance? Work on them all at once with this deceptively simple but effective exercise. As soon as your dog's working around the sheep, and under some sort of control, this simple ... Read more

Free Sheepdog Training Assessments!

Herding sheepdog training video assessments title image
Send us a clear video of your sheepdog, cattle dog or stock dog training session for FREE advice! Our advice is based on our interpretation of the information you provide, and intended to help you improve your dog's work. We ... Read more

Featured tutorials – Early training with your sheepdog puppy

Collies and Chihuahuas can be great friends
Don't make the mistake of thinking you'll leave training until the puppy's older - your sheepdog puppy will start learning from you the moment it meets you. But it needn't feel like work for either of you. The early months ... Read more

Featured tutorial – Moving out into the open field

Sheepdog driving sheep into a paddock
The training ring is ideal for keeping the action in easy reach of the handler, but some young dogs are unhappy when working in a restricted space. Confined with the sheep, and feeling under pressure, a dog can be uncharacteristically ... Read more

FAQ – Stop at the top of the outrun without command?

The top of the outrun
QUESTION: Should my trainee sheepdog stop at the top of its outrun without a command from me? ANSWER: It's nice to think the young dog will stop at the top of its outrun without a command, and indeed, it sometimes ... Read more

FAQ – Sticky dog biting sheep’s faces

Photo of a working sheepdog very close to some sheep which are trapped in a pen
QUESTION: My dog has become very 'sticky' and recently started biting the faces of the sheep, instead of responding to my commands what should I do? ANSWER: Being sticky (staring at the sheep and not responding to commands) and biting ... Read more

FAQ – Outruns (send the dog from your side)

graphic showing the position the handler should adopt if the dog is too tight on the sheep towards the end of its outrun
QUESTION: My dog's doing lovely long outruns when I stand between her and the sheep, but how do I get her to do them from by my side? ANSWER: The reason for standing between the dog and the sheep when ... Read more

FAQ – Why’s the dog’s tail position so important?

photo showing the dog with its tail in the air as it's led into the training ring
QUESTION: I keep hearing people talk about the position of the dog's tail when it's working sheep. What do they mean? ANSWER: When dogs are relaxed, they hold their tails in a normal downward position but when they are nervous ... Read more


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