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Featured tutorial - the Training Ring

Featured tutorial – the Training Ring

In Part One of our Training Ring tutorial we demonstrate how the ring can be invaluable when starting a young dog or puppy, especially when ... Read more
Special offer for November and December

Special offer for November and December

A one-off 12 month subscription to our online training tutorials makes a super gift for anyone who's training, or thinking of training, a sheepdog. New ... Read more
Trainee sheep and cattle dog Remus keeping a small bunch of sheep under control

Featured Tutorial: The Training Area

(Not to be confused with "The Training Ring") IS YOUR TRAINING GROUND A HELP, OR A HINDERANCE? Your training area can make or break the ... Read more
Sheepdog trainer Andy Nickless walking backwards as his dog brings the sheep up to him steadily

Featured Tutorial: Backwards is The Way Forward

This deceptively simple but significant lesson can pay dividends in improved performance of your dog. As soon as your dog's working around the sheep, and ... Read more
Some sheepdogs stay on their feet, rather than lie down, when they stop

Featured tutorial – The Stop (Part 3)

A huge thank you to the subscriber who let us know they were having problems running Part Three of our Stopping the Dog tutorial. The ... Read more
Herding sheepdog Dulcie controlling a yard crowded with sheep

Watch Dulcie Working at Dean Farm Early Today

Follow Dulcie as she gathers a flock of sheep in the open field, and then takes them to the farm, where she guides them through ... Read more
Featured tutorial - Driving

Featured tutorial – Driving

The Driving tutorials are among our most popular videos, tackling a subject that many handlers - and dogs - find challenging. In Driving Part 1 ... Read more
A predominantly white border collie sheepdog working a small bunch of sheep

What’s Wrong With White Sheepdogs?

Answer - NOTHING! (Well, almost nothing). A recent question from one of our members reminded us that white border collie sheepdog pups are not as ... Read more