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Featured Tutorial: Starting a Non-Starter!

Photo of a border collie clambering through a fence to get away from the sheep in the background
Can anything be done if your collie doesn't want to work? The short answer is "Yes!" and understanding the possible reasons why the dog won't ... Read more

Featured tutorial – Get off the Fence!

getting sheep away from the fence
When confronted with a dog, one of the few ways sheep have to defend themselves is to crowd together onto a fence, or in a ... Read more

FAQ – Dog attacking cattle

Photo of a cattle dog jumping up aggressively towards a heifer's face
QUESTION: My dog works cattle quite well, but dives in and grips their legs for no apparent reason. How can I calm him down and ... Read more

FAQ – Walking the dog around sheep

Photo of a man holding a sheepdog on a lead whilst the dog is staring at nearby sheep
QUESTION: Is it OK to walk my dog around the sheep every day? He's not ready to work them yet but I want him to ... Read more

Featured tutorial – The Outrun

A sheepdog handler sending his dog off on its outrun to gather sheep
Sheepdog training tutorials focusing on the dog's outrun ... Read more

FAQ – Dog goes out too wide

Photo of a sheepdog waiting to be sent off to gather sheep
QUESTION: My dog is generally working well but when I send her on an outrun to gather the sheep, she goes out too far. How ... Read more

Featured tutorial – Sometimes Nice is Not Enough

sheep attacking a herding dog
(Or, "Give your dog a bit more Grrr!" Building your dog's self confidence.) Self confidence is essential in a working dog. Sheep are natural runners ... Read more

FAQ – Will my puppy work stock?

FAQ - Will my puppy work stock?
QUESTION: I have a young Border Collie puppy which I want to use for herding our sheep. How can I tell if he's interested in ... Read more

FAQ – Calling the dog away from stock

FAQ - Calling the dog away from stock
QUESTION: How can I call my dog away when he's working in the ring or in a yard? ANSWER: It’s natural for the trainee dog ... Read more

FAQ – My dog killed a sheep

FAQ - My dog killed a sheep
QUESTION: My dogs killed a sheep today. I don't want to have the dogs destroyed, they are working Kelpie X Collie dogs which we want ... Read more


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