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Kelpie v Collie (2) Red and Mossie’s Training So Far…

Australian Kelpie puppy chasing sheep
Page 2 of 14 – go to page 1 Red’s work Red seemed a bit heavy-handed when he first went to our sheep. We dont normally allow a pup of Red’s age to go near sheep because a threatening sheep can permanently ruin a dog’s confidence, but when we collected Red, he’d already been to sheep. The farmer (Meirion) demonstrated this as you’ll see from the picture, and we could see that Red’s fast, aggressive approach didn’t give the sheep … Read more

Our First Working Kelpie – RED!

Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age.
Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age. For some months now, we’ve wanted to train a Kelpie. They’re very popular in Australia of course, but you don’t see them winning sheepdog trials here in the UK – at least, not to my knowledge. We’re fascinated to find out more about training a working Kelpie sheepdog, so we looked around for some good working lines, and took the plunge. The result is Red ! At just 12 weeks, Red … Read more

Kelpie v Collie (1) Sheepdog Training Comparison

Herding sheepdog trainees, Mossie and Kelpie Red
Page 1 of 14 Which will prove easier to train, and which will make the better sheepdog in the end, Australian Kelpie Red or Border Collie Mossie? Working Kelpie sheepdogs are now in common use throughout the UK and there’s a healthy debate over which makes the best sheepdog. To shed some light on the matter for ourselves, we decided to train a Kelpie along with a Border Collie Before we could start our informal (and somewhat haphazard) training comparison … Read more

Wonder Dog Kay!

Border Collie Sheepdog Kay
Kay was just amazing during our sheepdog training course yesterday Kay has amazed me recently. She was wonderful on our sheepdog training course. I’ve trained quite a number of sheepdogs over the years, and sometimes, I think I’ve seen just about everything but Kay was just amazing during our sheepdog training course yesterday. Not only did she work all day with just an hour for lunch but for much of the time, she was one step ahead of me. Recently … Read more

On Top of the World!

Border Collie Sheepdog Mo jumping the sheep hurdles.
Mo’s fast becoming one of our best working sheepdogs. The only problem is she’s too fast! When Mo slows down a little, she’ll be as good as her mum (Mel) but for the time being, we love to see her enjoying herself. Mo doesn’t need an excuse to jump things – she just does it for joy! … Read more

We’re expecting puppies!

This is a newly born Border Collie puppy
A new-born border collie puppy – Ahhh! We’re expecting puppies at the end of July. They should be ready to leave by the end of September. Visit the website … Read more

It’s not all work!

Border Collies Mog (on the floor) and Mossie relaxing in the May sunshine.
Sometimes you just need to take a break from work and get down to some real fun! Young sheepdogs Mog and Mossie spend a lot of their spare time ‘sparring’ with each other. They’re the best of friends really. (Pic: Mog (on the floor) and Mossie enjoying themselves in the field) … Read more

Mossie – born to work sheep!

Mossie - Born to work sheep.
This is Mossie – one of the survivors of Jill and Eli’s litter which met with tragedy in March. One of the most naturally talented puppies we’ve ever had is Mossie. She was born on 29th January and can already get the sheep in by herself. Mossie’s parents are Jill and Eli. We don’t normally recommend allowing sheepdog puppies to work sheep because of the very high risk of them losing their confidence if the sheep challenge or frighten them … Read more

A glimmer of interest!

Today we sheared a few sheep and we let Doris wander around while we were shearing. Once or twice she went up to the sheep and barked at them quite enthusiastically. If I went up to her to try and encourage her, she trotted away immediately but at least there’s a glimmer there and I’m now quite hopeful that Doris will eventually work sheep … Read more

Don’t be fooled by appearances

Border Collie Doris gives the impression she's already a great sheepdog but she's not.
If style was skill . . . Border Collie Doris gives the impression she’s already a great sheepdog but she’s not. Doris is a beautiful young border collie with a fantastic sheepdog trials ancestry. She was born in September 2009 and to look at her, you’d think she was already keen on sheep. Whoops! There she goes! Doris makes her exit during a training session on the 16th May 2010. Far from it. Doris is in fact, very reluctant to … Read more

Phew! It’s So Hot!

jackdaws drinking at a water tank
Was May supposed to be this hot? Hot weather brings the jackdaws to the water trough for a wash and brush-up as well as a drink We just ‘enjoyed’ a few days of exceptionally hot weather for the time of year. May is normally one of my favourite months but the past week has been seriously hot and I have to admit, I’m not good in hot weather. The dogs and sheep don’t relish it either, so training has been … Read more

Sheep Shearing By Numbers.

Recently sheared sheep with unsheared sheep in the background
Last week I had my first attempt at shearing sheep. I’ve watched sheep being sheared many times before but never actually had a go. One of the first sheep I ever sheared – she seems to have survived OK! I invested in some good quality Hauptner electric shears last year, with the intention of doing our own shearing in 2010. As you can imagine, sheep which are kept primarily to be chased by dogs need to be looked after well … Read more


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