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This is the full list of our blogs going back to January 2010. The most recent items appear first. Scroll down to browse earlier posts or go to the Compact Blog List.

How old is your dog?

Chihuahuas - Eric, Chester and Alfie
There's a new way to calculate your dog's age! We were brought up to believe that a year of a dog's life was the equivalent ... Read more

Featured tutorials – basic training

Kelpie Will and Border Collie pup Jago standing side by side
There's more to training a sheepdog than just sheep work. We know that sheepdogs love to work, so we can take advantage of that to ... Read more

Featured tutorial – the Point of Balance

Cover photo of our video tutorial about the all important point of balance when training a sheepdog
Everyone's heard that the dog must balance the sheep, but what does it mean? You'll often hear that the dog MUST stop at 12 o'clock ... Read more

Featured tutorials – the dog and the handler

Silhouette image of a shepherd and dog moving a small bunch of sheep
The Sheepdog Selection and Preparation and Sheepdog Handler tutorials provide lots of helpful tips and advice. Many handlers seem to find the early "puppy" months ... Read more

Featured tutorial – Sending the dog the Wrong Way

Young sheepdog working off balance
Our Sending the Dog the Wrong Way tutorial demonstrates a great exercise to encourage the dog to widen out on its flanks and outrun, and ... Read more

Featured tutorial – Eve at the Pen

Photo of a sheepdog bringing a small flock into a handling pen
Many of our online tutorials include actual training sessions with a trainee dog. No training happens in isolation so, as well as the main topic ... Read more

Revised tutorial – Stopping the Dog Part One

Title page of training tutorial stopping the dog
We're continuing to revisit and revise the tutorials, adding information and improved footage as we go. Our latest revision is Stopping the Dog - Part ... Read more

Featured tutorials – How to use a sheepdog whistle

Featured tutorials - How to use a sheepdog whistle
Learn how to blow a sheepdog whistle. If you'd like to use a sheepdog whistle, but don't know where to start, there are two tutorials ... Read more

Featured tutorials – Considering sheep

Featured tutorials - Considering sheep
Don’t ever be tempted to think that sheep are stupid! They might not be deep thinkers, but they're experts at protecting themselves from a dog ... Read more

Our suggested training programme

Trainee sheep and cattle herding dog Jet, calmly holding a dozen sheep in the corner of a yard
Tutorials that guide you through the maze of sheepdog training - what to do, and when to do it. The early stages of sheepdog training, ... Read more


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