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Training area? What training area?

Photo of a group of sheepdogs drinking icy water in the snow
Thirsty work this! Another picture showing the state of our sheepdog training area!It will be some weeks before we can start training again, so those of you who are hoping to attend training courses, please keep in touch with the blog for the latest news.Meanwhile, please let us have your feedback on the website, and if you have any sheepdog training questions, we will do our best to answer them … Read more

Dogs just wanna have fun!

Photo of Border Collie Sheepdogs playing on a frosty field
The sheep may not be enjoying the winter weather but the dogs certainly are. Eli and Connie (see photo) have been having a great time playing together recently … Read more


Photo of sheep standing around in a snow covered field with a large oak tree behind them.
Sheep stand waiting for some food. They cannot get to the grass when it’s covered with snow. Sadly, we must suspend all sheepdog training for the near future. We have been snow-bound for a week now and more snow is forecast.Unfortunately, we are on heavy clay and it doesn’t drain too well, so we expect the ground to be unusable for several weeks after the snow thaws.Please keep in touch with us here on The Working Sheepdog Website if you … Read more

Welcome to the Sheepdog Blog!

Wintery photo of sheep in the field with plenty of frost on the trees
Sheep in the frost at Kings Green Farm With all the bad weather we’ve had recently in the UK, we thought it would be good to have a blog so that we can keep people in touch with what’s going on, like sheepdog training courses, the availability of puppies and news from Kings Green Farm, generally. Please keep in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you about border collies and especially sheepdog training. We’d also value your comments … Read more


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