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A list of our blogs since January 2010. Compact List

Everything’s So Wet!

Very close portrait of Great Dane Lily
Despite the wet weather and the condition of the training ground, we're hoping to keep our sheepdog training courses going. OK - Just for Gill's ... Read more

Kelpie v Collie (14) Hey! I like THIS KELPIE!

Training a Kelpie to work sheep
Page 14 of 14 - go to page 1 A 1-2-1 Training Session with a Kelpie In the picture, Kay's keeping a careful watch as ... Read more

This Kelpie’s pretty COOL !

Working Kelpie Sheepdog - Molly
Working Kelpie Sheepdog Molly was totally focussed on her sheep during her sheepdog training course. Having had a rather disappointing experience with training our Kelpie, ... Read more

With Border Collie Sheepdogs, Things Can Change Quickly

Puppies at play in the snow
Kevin keeps watch while his sisters Bo and Midge investigate something disgusting in the grass. There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when a ... Read more

ME? . . . a BLOGGER?

Andy sitting at a picnic bench, looking quizzically at Kay who's face is extremely close to his!
Andy with Kay during the shooting of the introductory sequence for our successful sheepdog training DVD - First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training. I ... Read more

Kelpie v Collie (13) Mossie Gets Better & Better!

Closeup of Mossie with her head through the sheep hurdles, obviously looking at sheep
Page 13 of 14 - go to page 1 A further update from Mossie's new owner Jon, at Skilgate, Exmoor. Mossie was one of the ... Read more

Kelpie v Collie (12) Red’s Gone Back to Wales!

Kelpie Red enjoying the heavy frost
Page 12 of 14 - go to page 1 Sorry - no more Kelpies for us! Through no fault of his own, we've returned Red ... Read more

Kelpie v Collie (11) Red’s Recent Sessions Disappointing

Red with some of the other dogs enjoying the hard frost
Page 11 of 14 - go to page 1 The normally temperate UK is currently locked in what for us is a serious freeze. Red ... Read more

Winter’s Arrived Early This Year

Border Collie sheepdog Fran covered in frost, in a misty, frosty field
In recent years, the UK has enjoyed relatively mild winters. Anyone who was around in 1947 (and I'm not one of them - I didn't ... Read more

Our First Working Kelpie – RED!

Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age.
Working Kelpie Sheepdog, Red at twelve weeks of age. For some months now, we've wanted to train a Kelpie. They're very popular in Australia of ... Read more


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