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A list of our blogs since January 2010. Compact List

Wonder Dog Kay!

Border Collie Sheepdog Kay
Kay was just amazing during our sheepdog training course yesterday Kay has amazed me recently. She was wonderful on our sheepdog training course. I've trained ... Read more

On Top of the World!

Border Collie Sheepdog Mo jumping the sheep hurdles.
Mo's fast becoming one of our best working sheepdogs. The only problem is she's too fast! When Mo slows down a little, she'll be as ... Read more

We’re expecting puppies!

This is a newly born Border Collie puppy
A new-born border collie puppy - Ahhh! We're expecting puppies at the end of July. They should be ready to leave by the end of ... Read more

It’s not all work!

Border Collies Mog (on the floor) and Mossie relaxing in the May sunshine.
Sometimes you just need to take a break from work and get down to some real fun! Young sheepdogs Mog and Mossie spend a lot ... Read more

Mossie – born to work sheep!

Mossie - Born to work sheep.
This is Mossie - one of the survivors of Jill and Eli's litter which met with tragedy in March. One of the most naturally talented ... Read more

A glimmer of interest!

Today we sheared a few sheep and we let Doris wander around while we were shearing. Once or twice she went up to the sheep ... Read more

Don’t be fooled by appearances

Border Collie Doris gives the impression she's already a great sheepdog but she's not.
If style was skill . . . Border Collie Doris gives the impression she's already a great sheepdog but she's not. Doris is a beautiful ... Read more

Phew! It’s So Hot!

jackdaws drinking at a water tank
Was May supposed to be this hot? Hot weather brings the jackdaws to the water trough for a wash and brush-up as well as a ... Read more

Sheep Shearing By Numbers.

Recently sheared sheep with unsheared sheep in the background
Last week I had my first attempt at shearing sheep. I've watched sheep being sheared many times before but never actually had a go. One ... Read more

It just gets busier and busier!

Sheep at water trough
Even the sheep seem to appreciate the better weather. Well, after a couple of false starts, it seems spring is really here at last!The fields ... Read more


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