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Phew! It’s So Hot!

jackdaws drinking at a water tank
Was May supposed to be this hot? We just 'enjoyed' a few days of exceptionally hot weather for the time of year. May is normally ... Read more

Sheep Shearing By Numbers.

Recently sheared sheep with unsheared sheep in the background
Last week I had my first attempt at shearing sheep. I've watched sheep being sheared many times before but never actually had a go. I ... Read more

It just gets busier and busier!

Sheep at water trough
Well, after a couple of false starts, it seems spring is really here at last! The fields are greener, the hedges and trees are coming ... Read more

Working sheepdog wins Crufts Canine Freestyle championship

Border collie sheepdog standing on its hind legs with sheep close in the background
Who said you'll ruin a sheepdog if you allow it to do tricks? 2010 and 2011 Crufts Canine Freestyle Champions Richard Curtis and Pogo. Pogo ... Read more

Uggh! . . . More snow,

Just when we thought the ground was drying up nicely and there were even small signs that the grass was beginning to grow, down comes ... Read more

Barking mad – a lesson in dog training

Three mainly white border collie puppies
I was thinking about dog training - on Saturday night, actually. Gill has long believed that the best thing to do about bad behaviour is ... Read more

Training sheepdogs . . .

I may have suggested before that I don’t always agree with Gill and Andy’s training methods. Well, to be fair it’s the whole idea of ... Read more

Those puppies!

Gill took me to see Jill’s puppies last night. They were 16 days old, and to celebrate they had their third consecutive day of worming ... Read more

A dog friendly pub in Caunsall?

A couple of weeks ago I was taken out for lunch by Gill and my doting aunties. They live in Stourbridge, and as we drove ... Read more

Puppy progress.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with us about the puppy disaster. You'll be pleased to know that Jill and the pups are ... Read more


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