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Do I detect a hint of spring?

Closeup of a border collie puppy in the sunshine
Yesterday was such a lovely day! There are snowdrops in the garden and some of the buds on the shrubs are just beginning to grow ... Read more

The injustice of it all . . .

You know I'm not a great fan of border collies, and even less, of sheepdogs, but the puppy disaster that happened to Jill and Eli's ... Read more

Very bad news . . .

Jill's games led to her accidentally killing most of her puppies
Apologies for the delay but it's very difficult to bring yourself to announce really bad news and we've certainly had a big shock with Jill's ... Read more

Oh – NO ! (Puppies again)!

A tiny border collie puppy with tricolour markings, just one day after being born
When border collie puppies are first born, they're just like little grubs. This picture is of a one day old sheepdog puppy Harmless, aren't they? ... Read more

We have PUPPIES !!

Border collie sheepdog Jill produced a litter of puppies last night
Proud mother Jill produced a lovely litter of pups last night. They're all doing well despite the bitter cold wind we have today. We'll post ... Read more

Alfie’s Blog

Alfie the chihuahua sharing his bed with border collie sheepdog Glen
Did you know our little chihuahua Alfie has his own blog? Just recently, Alfie's lost his tiny little chihuahua bed because the great big border ... Read more

A dog in need . . .

Alfie the chihuahua sharing his bed with border collie sheepdog Glen
Never let it be said that I’d overlook a fellow dog in need (to be honest, at my height it’s not easy to overlook anything) ... Read more

I’m in trouble again . . .

Chihuahua Alfie with a border collie puppy
No I don't mean the picture - that was taken in April 2007 when I first arrived here. When you're so much smaller than the ... Read more

Who said Chihuahuas aren’t tough?

Chihuahua x Papillon and Chihuahua dogs in the snow
I thought you'd like to see this picture of Chester and me in the snow today - and not a dog coat in sight! We ... Read more

Elitist? . . Me?

I can’t believe it, but I’m getting complaints. I’m accused of elitism. It’s not elitism, it’s called noblesse oblige - we Chihuahuas have responsibilities. Chihuahuas ... Read more


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