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This is the full list of our blogs going back to January 2010. The most recent items appear first. Scroll down to browse earlier posts or go to the Compact Blog List.

Alfie the chihuahua sitting upright, regally looking into the distance

I’m a chihuahua, get me out of here!

I think it’s time to put the record straight. The Border collies around here are getting the impression that they’re somehow important. Just to explain ... Read more
Sheepdogs drinking icy water in the snow

Training area? What training area?

Another picture showing the state of our sheepdog training area! It will be some weeks before we can start training again, so those of you ... Read more
Border Collie Sheepdogs playing on a frosty field

Dogs just wanna have fun!

The sheep may not be enjoying the winter weather but the dogs certainly are. Eli and Connie (above) have been having a great time playing ... Read more
Sheep in the snow


Sadly, we must suspend all sheepdog training for the near future. We have been snow-bound for a week now and more snow is forecast. Unfortunately, ... Read more
Sheep in the field with frost on the trees

Welcome to the Sheepdog Blog!

With all the bad weather we've had recently in the UK, we thought it would be good to have a blog so that we can ... Read more