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This is the full list of our blogs going back to January 2010. The most recent items appear first. Scroll down to browse earlier posts or go to the Compact Blog List.

Three mainly white border collie puppies

Barking mad – a lesson in dog training

I was thinking about dog training - on Saturday night, actually. Gill has long believed that the best thing to do about bad behaviour is ... Read more

Training sheepdogs . . .

I may have suggested before that I don’t always agree with Gill and Andy’s training methods. Well, to be fair it’s the whole idea of ... Read more

Those puppies!

Gill took me to see Jill’s puppies last night. They were 16 days old, and to celebrate they had their third consecutive day of worming ... Read more

A dog friendly pub in Caunsall?

A couple of weeks ago I was taken out for lunch by Gill and my doting aunties. They live in Stourbridge, and as we drove ... Read more

Puppy progress.

Thanks to everyone who has been in touch with us about the puppy disaster. You'll be pleased to know that Jill and the pups are ... Read more
Closeup of a border collie puppy in the sunshine

Do I detect a hint of spring?

Yesterday was such a lovely day! There are snowdrops in the garden and some of the buds on the shrubs are just beginning to grow ... Read more

The injustice of it all . . .

You know I'm not a great fan of border collies, and even less, of sheepdogs, but the puppy disaster that happened to Jill and Eli's ... Read more
Jill's games led to her accidentally killing most of her puppies

Very bad news . . .

Apologies for the delay but it's very difficult to bring yourself to announce really bad news and we've certainly had a big shock with Jill's ... Read more