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This is the full list of our blogs going back to January 2010. The most recent items appear first. Scroll down to browse earlier posts or go to the Compact Blog List.

Featured tutorial – Sometimes Nice is Not Enough

Sheepdog Bronwen lies down defiantly in front of some threatening sheep
It takes huge self-confidence for a dog to lie down in this situation, but even a cautious dog can learn to assert itself. Sheep are ... Read more

Cammen Kay – our unsung hero?

Cammen Kay - our unsung hero?
Quietly in the background, with no fuss or bluster, we didn't always give Kay her due! When we bought Kay, at about one year old, ... Read more

Featured Tutorial – What Shall I Do Next?

Thumbnail photo for our tutorial What Shall I Do Next?
Our recommended order for training sheep or cattle dogs When you first start training a dog to work livestock, it can seem daunting to say ... Read more

New Tutorial: No 70 – The Training Ring (Part 2)

Poster image for our sheepdog training tutorial The Training Ring (part 2)
The training ring can be used for much more than just starting a dog off We saw in part one of "The Training Ring" tutorials ... Read more

A Fine Sheep and Cattle Dog in the Making

Sheepdog in training, Dulcie looking very businesslike
Introducing Dulcie - daughter of Bronwen - granddaughter of Mel The latest addition to our team of working dogs is Dulcie. She's the daughter of ... Read more

New dogs – new opportunities

New dogs - new opportunities
It feels like a new term at Kings Green. This year’s puppies are ready to start training, and they’re giving us lots of filming and ... Read more

Featured Tutorial – The Perfect Stop!

Improve the stop of your herding cattle or sheepdog without damaging the dog's confidence
Improve your dog's stop without damaging its confidence A dog which will stop instantly on command is a great asset on any livestock farm. The ... Read more

New Tutorial: The Training Ring

Photo of sheepdog trainer Andy standing inside a training ring made from sheep hurdles
Correct size and shape of your training ring can make starting your dog far easier Not only is the training ring one the most useful ... Read more

New Tutorial: How Can I Slow the Dog Down?

Photo of a trainee Kelpie sheepdog splitting up a bunch of sheep
Many people ask us how they can slow their dog down when it's working It's essential that the dog learns to work stock steadily. During ... Read more

The essentials of sheepdog puppy training

The essentials of sheepdog puppy training
Spring time is puppy time! The promise of longer daylight hours and milder weather makes puppy ownership more appealing than during the cold of winter, ... Read more


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