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  • Novice sheepdog trials champion – Glen – 238575

    Novice sheepdog trials champion – Glen – 238575

    A great Scottish Sheepdog – Davidston Glen (1998 – 2011) From a long line of champions Glen was bred by N G McEwan in Kincardine, Scotland, by Scottish Team member Davidston Cap 201111 (owned by Mary Caul) and out of Gael 192892 (N G McEwan). When he was a year old, Glen was sold to […]

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  • Denise Wilkinson’s dog agility star, Tia

    Denise Wilkinson’s dog agility star, Tia

    Our tribute to a remarkable agility dog . . . Denise Wilkinson’s “Tinker Tia” Dog Agility Grade 7 (Advanced) – ISDS 267931 When Denise Wilkinson collected her eight week old puppy from us, she told us she was going to make “Tinker Tia” into a Dog Agility Champion. Well, you know how it is, you […]

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  • A sheepdog to remember

    This true sheepdog story is our tribute to Aled Owen’s Roy ISDS 200199 Updated Wed 23rd Jan 2013 First posted here on August 1st 2003, A Dog to Remember appeared in the Jan/Feb 2003 issue of International Sheepdog News and is reproduced here by kind permission of the author Austin Bennett. Aled Owen, double supreme […]

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  • Derek Scrimgeour’s Ben – 220939

    BEN was the Cornerstone of Killibrae Sheepdogs & star of Derek Scrimgeour’s Sheepdog Training Book: “Talking Sheepdogs” Before his retirement, Ben was a tremendous hill and trial dog – kind but very positive in his handling of the sheep. He was equally at home working on Derek’s Lonscale Farm near Keswick in Cumbria or at […]

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  • Featured tutorials – Bronwen and Scylla

    Featured tutorials – Bronwen and Scylla

    A tutorial series to demonstrate the differences in young dogs. You can be forgiven for expecting that littermates would be very similar in temperament and working style, but we chose two home-bred puppies, Bronwen and Scylla, to demonstrate that even littermates can be poles apart. While both girls developed into keen, useful working dogs – just like their […]

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  • Featured tutorials – the Point of Balance

    Featured tutorials – the Point of Balance

    You’ve probably heard of the “point of balance”, but what exactly does it mean? You’ll often hear that the dog MUST stop at 12 o’clock. The theory is that if you imagine the handler is standing at 6 o’clock on a clock face, the dog should be directly opposite the handler (at 12 o’clock) on the […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Sending the dog the ‘wrong way’

    Featured tutorial – Sending the dog the ‘wrong way’

    Our “Sending the dog the wrong way” tutorial introduces a great exercise for widening the dog’s flanks and outrun. Just as when we start to teach shedding we ask the dog to ignore one of its basic lessons (NOT to run through the sheep) this time we want the dog to work off balance. We’re […]

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  • Featured tutorials – Preparing yourself and your dog

    Featured tutorials – Preparing yourself and your dog

    Many handlers seem to find the early “puppy” months very stressful; they’re anxious to raise the dog in a way that will spark and preserve the all-important working instinct, but worry about balancing that with the entirely natural desire to have a well behaved family playmate and companion. Sheepdog Selection and Preparation should answer these […]

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  • Featured Tutorial: The Training Area

    Featured Tutorial: The Training Area

    (Not to be confused with “The Training Ring“) IS YOUR TRAINING GROUND A HELP, OR A HINDERANCE? Your training area can make or break the early training sessions. It might seem like hard work, but taking the time to round off the corners and clear some obstacles will make it easier for your dog to […]

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  • NEW tutorial – Flock Work

    NEW tutorial – Flock Work

    Is your dog ready to handle a flock of sheep? Once your dog can control a small number of sheep reasonably well in the training field, it’s natural to start thinking about working a flock of sheep. After all, that’s what the dog’s for, isn’t it! To us humans, flock work seems like a natural […]

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