A good looking sheepdog and a great worker too

Border collie sheepdog watching her sheep
Not just a pretty face, Carew is a very promising trainee sheepdog

Carew continues to shine above the other dogs when it comes to working sheep. She’s desperate to please, a very keen worker, and shows signs of having power too. If anything, she’s a little too sensitive – not with the sheep, but with her handler.

Close up of sheep with a sheepdog in the background
A very sensible head on very young shoulders. From the early stages of training Carew kept well back from the sheep

When she’s working, if Carew feels she’s done something wrong, she has a tendency to lose confidence in herself and “go to pieces.” Sometimes it can take quite a lot of encouragement to get this confidence back.

The overall standard of Carew’s work is exceptional though – and we’re absolutely sure she’ll become “thicker skinned” as she matures.

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