A great morning for a walk with the dogs

Yesterday was a lovely day to be out with the dogs – at least, the morning was!

Walking our sheepdogs in the January sunshine
Walking our sheepdogs in the January sunshine

Later on, the weather deteriorated until the afternoon run was in fairly heavy rain. Still, we have been very lucky really. Last year was very cold and I’m not a lover of snow.

Before everyone asks, the red and white pup in the foreground is Audrey. She’s not for sale – in fact, I’m hoping to train her on our new sheepdog training DVD which will be out later this year.

The new DVD was planned for last year, but the drought stopped us – over a period of two weeks, the field where we were filming changed colour from green to brown and we abandoned it.

This time, we are determined to carry on filming whatever the weather, so look out for the DVD in the autumn (he said hopefully).

We had a change of policy recently which involves keeping more puppies for longer and training then as sheepdogs, rather than selling the pups at eight weeks and buying in dogs to train.

This seems to be working well so far, and it’s very interesting to watch the pups develop their ‘pack behaviour’.

The pic of Rita and Audrey shows them beginning to get the message that something is going on, and they should follow their elders very closely. We’ll tell you more about this in the coming weeks.

Puppies Rita and Audrey watch the rest of the pack closely
Border Collie puppies Rita (nearest camera) and Audrey watch the rest of the pack closely

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