A sheepdog puppy with altitude!

Sheepdog puppy Jack can climb fences with ease

Confining Jack to our yard becomes increasingly difficult

Border collie puppy Jack perched high in a hedge, balancing between the top of a fence and the branches of the hedge
Jack wants to join the fun out in the field. (click to enlarge).

From the day he arrived here, we’ve been impressed with Jack’s determination. In our blog of the 19th of December, we reported that he’d rather perch on the back of a car seat than somewhere more sensible.

As Jack gets older and stronger, his determination to be wherever the fun is, gets more and more challenging. His recently discovered climbing skills have to be experienced to be believed. The young sheepdog puppy thinks nothing of balancing himself precariously on top of a wobbly fence – and unfortunately as his confidence grows, so does his altitude.

I took this picture about an hour before sitting down to write this blog and have since had to go and rescue Jack from the same spot again. It seems that he’s only prepared to stay in the yard if everyone else is there.

Entertaining though it is, there’s a real danger that Jack could injure himself, so we’re taking steps to limit his climbing to safe areas (and heights) where the likelihood of the little chap damaging himself is minimal.

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