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A closeup photograph of Sheepdog Odo keeping control of four sheep under some apple trees


At The Working Sheepdog Website, Andy and Gill spend a great deal of time with their Border Collie Sheepdogs (varying in numbers between 15 and 30 on occasions).

Before committing himself fully to the sheepdogs Andy was a professional photographer specialising in products and architecture for internationally renowned companies such as construction giant Sir Robert McAlpine, BT, McLaren F1, Oppenheim Property Fund Management and George Wimpey (now Taylor Wimpey).

Once he met Gill, Andy very soon began to share her interest in border collies and sheepdog trials, and it wasn’t long before he realised he had a flair for training sheepdogs. As his success with sheepdog training flourished, Andy’s professional photography began to take a back seat and eventually, he took the plunge and became a full time sheepdog trainer.

Andy’s professional photographic skills were tested to the full in 2009 when he and Gill produced an excellent 2xDVD set especially intended for beginners to sheepdog training.

The DVD set First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training is crammed with information about sheepdogs, sheep and how to prepare a training ground but perhaps most importantly, it shows typical things going wrong during training and how to put them right. You can watch the preview of our Sheepdog Training DVD below.


In October 2010, Gill gave up her job as editor of an industrial magazine and joined Andy full-time at Kings Green Farm, where she took over responsibility for the Sheepdog DVD Shop, and general upkeep of the Working Sheepdog Website which is packed with sheepdog training information, pictures of border collie sheepdogs and puppies, as well as articles about some great sheepdogs.

Please feel free to enjoy the whole website, and if you’d like to leave comments, we’d love to hear from you. Most of the blog pages and articles have comment sections – look for the icon at the bottom right of the page.


Find out more about our great new online training videos for sheepdog trainers. More info.

In November 2012, following on from the worldwide success of the First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training DVD, Andy and Gill created a new library specialising in Online Video Tutorials for Sheepdog Trainers.

The completely new tutorials are well worth the small monthly (or annual) membership fee involved, and even though there are more than seventy in the library now, we’re still working on improving them and adding more from time to time.


  1. I haven’t started the dogs on sheep, but have found the first few training videos have helped me to manage the dogs better in general. Can clearly see what I was doing wrong in handling the border collies with traditional training methods. I recommend this training series for anyone with a border collie.

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Nancy. We’ve found that training a sheep or cattle herding dog can in many ways, be beneficial to the dog’s general obedience away from stock.

  2. Hello Andy and Gill,
    Just to let you know that my sheepdog training has improved and my dog Kate enjoys her training sessions very much indeed. I changed my commands and went back to basics,
    following your tutorials. Kate’s outrun is excellent and her flanks are also wider. The sheep are given space and Kate’s herding is calm. I am now teaching her the walk and the walk on. With the command steady she reacts instantly and then I give the walk or walk on command where necessary. I am more confident about training and it is shown in Kate’s ” will to please”. Thanks.
    I have now started to train my other border collie Choco. She is older than Kate. She too enjoys her training, so I have the feeling that we are also becoming a “sheepy” team. Thanks again, Yvonne

  3. I have an 18months old bitch that I have been working with for about 2-3 months now, who isnt very strong. She will fetch and flank and return on command. she is getting better with her penning, she will drive if I walk at the top of the sheep, the side of the sheep or parellel with her but will not drive if I hang back even by 1 step. As i have said she isnt very strong/ powerful she works quietly and wondered if there is something else I can do to get her to drive sheep away. I have watched your dvd which has been helpful in some areas since working with her and I have bought many books which havent been half as helpful. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hello Helen,
      It’s a confidence matter – and far too complex to describe fully here, but keep trying to encourage the dog to walk ahead of you – she’ll get the idea in the end. There will be a lot more information about teaching sheepdogs to drive on our new DVD when it comes out – hopefully before christmas.
      Meanwhile, be patient and encourage the dog to walk a little way ahead of you, and then very gradually increase it.

  4. A plea for help. We have a superb 1.5 yr old collie bitch who rounds up our local sheep beautifully (fence between her and them), she can circle the field and move to another. She’ll keep crawling along very calmly for 20 mins. I feel as a domestic dog that we are not helping her with her natural instincts. I can’t find anyone who can help me satisfy these instincts in a domestic situation or help me to control her hunting, which when she does occasionally. She killed her first rabbit at 5 months and has caught and killed 5 since. She recalls everytime no problem but when she hunts she just goes and doesn’t look back. She’ll be gone for 5 – 20 mins which is totally unacceptable. Pleeeeeeese could you recommend a book, site or something to help we really want to do the best for her and us. Thank you very much in anticipation and sorry to contact you in this way. Aidy

  5. Hi Andy and Gillian
    What great idea with this block. I will follow this.

    Greeting from your bigest fan from Switzerland.

    Now England and Switzerland are the same. See the snow.. smile :-)

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