An Introduction to Sheepdog Trials (Part 1)

Image depicting sheepdog trial competitor with dog

A training tutorial for budding sheepdog triallists

The latest addition to our sheepdog training video tutorials is part one of a great new introduction to sheepdog trials.

Close up of a sheepdog bringing a group of sheep towards the camera
As well as learning a lot from the tutorial, you’ll see some great sheepdog trial footage!

We know from the emails and feedback we receive that many of you would like to compete in sheepdog trials. Competing in your first trial can be quite an ordeal – particularly if you don’t fully understand what’s going on, so for our latest sheepdog training tutorial, we decided to help beginners to understand just what goes on at a trial, what’s expected of you, and how to ensure your first trial goes as smoothly as possible.

Part one of the tutorial explains the general layout of a typical trials ground, and what’s expected of the dog, the sheep, and the handler, as well as pointing out potential problems and giving valuable tips to help you succeed.

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One of our longest tutorials to date, this first episode is over twenty four minutes long. Part two is now available.

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