Carew injury worry for Evesham Sheepdog Trials

Sheepdog Carew with her friends Meg and Jan behind her

We’re worried that Carew may not be fit for Evesham SDT.

On the downside of Carew’s heroic cattle herding on Sunday, we noticed in the evening that she was limping on her left front foot.

Sheepdog Carew quietly brings her sheep to the pen at a trial
Carew was excellent in her last sheepdog trial at Mathon in Worcestershire. (Click to enlarge).

With all the fencing we’d been doing that day we assumed she’d picked up a thorn, but when we examined the foot and leg in question, there was nothing visibly wrong. Normally these things heal up very quickly, so we decided to keep Carew on “light duties” and monitor the situation.

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When we took the dogs out yesterday for their evening run I made sure Carew stayed close to me. I was relieved to see that she wasn’t limping, but this morning, after keeping her in while the rest of the dogs went out for a good race around she seems quite stiff on it.

The first trial (Local Novice class) doesn’t start until the afternoon on Saturday, so there’s still time for Carew’s foot to heal, but I must admit Evesham is the one sheepdog trial I would hate to miss this year.

We’ll continue to watch Carew’s foot closely and make sure she only has the lightest of exercise between now and the weekend. (I’m tempted to say “fingers crossed” – but I know it’s bad luck to be superstitious!)

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