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  • Wow! Kelpie Molly gets our ‘Man of the Match’ Award!

    Wow! Kelpie Molly gets our ‘Man of the Match’ Award!

    It’s taken a while, but Molly’s showing real commitment and keeping her sheep together very well If you’ve read our Kelpie vs Collie blog, you’ll know that we’ve had our ups and downs with Kelpies over the years, and I’ve personally been on the receiving end of some bitter comments from enthusiasts for what I […]

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  • Tucker and Pip

    Tucker and Pip

    Two very bright lights to keep us cheerful Of course, we’re still very sad since losing old Mel on Wednesday, but having the other dogs around, especially puppies Tucker and Pip, is a great tonic. Despite Pip being several weeks younger than Tucker, the pair get along amazingly well. In fact the only small problem […]

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  • Kelpie v Collie (14) Hey! I like THIS KELPIE!

    Page 14 of 14 – go to page 1 A 1-2-1 Training Session with a Kelpie In the picture, Kay’s keeping a careful watch as Working Kelpie Mollie learns to give her sheep more room. Kay’s exceptionally useful for keeping the sheep together for a trainee sheepdog, but she was hardly needed at all today, […]

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  • Kelpie v Collie (13) Mossie Gets Better & Better!

    Page 13 of 14 – go to page 1 A further update from Mossie’s new owner Jon, at Skilgate, Exmoor. If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you’ll know that Mossie went to her new home at the end of October. We’re deeply grateful to Jon from Exmoor for yet another update on Mossie’s […]

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  • Kelpie v Collie (12) Red’s Gone Back to Wales!

    Page 12 of 14 – go to page 1 Sorry – no more Kelpies for us! Through no fault of his own, we’ve returned Red to his breeder in Mid Wales. We love the dog and will miss him, but dogs are our living and training Red has proved time consuming and frustrating. Red’s breeder […]

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  • Kelpie v Collie (11) Red’s Recent Sessions Disappointing

    Page 11 of 14 – go to page 1 The normally temperate UK is currently locked in what for us is a serious freeze. Red and the other dogs are having a wonderful time though. For them, it seems to be all play and no work because we’ve suspended sheepdog training while the weather is […]

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  • Kelpie v Collie (10) Update From Mossie’s New Owner

    Page 10 of 14 – go to page 1 Mossie Update (from her new owner). Mossie’s doing really well – very rarely nipping and with a nicely developing outrun. She’s still a bit sticky on ‘come-bye‘ occasionally but she’ll walk up to the sheep and has got a great stop. At the end of a […]

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  • Kelpie v Collie (9) A Rest Brings Out a Good Change

    Page 9 of 14 – go to page 1 OK, ok . . . (maybe I was wrong)! There appears to have been a fairly serious development in Red’s training. Since the last blog, he escaped from the yard more than once, and proved to us that he’s quite capable of concentrating on his work […]

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