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  • How you can save a sheep’s life

    How you can save a sheep’s life

    …it’s important to raise the BAA! Sheep don’t sleep or even lie comfortably on their backs, so if you happen to see one in this position you can be sure it’s close to death. If you know what to do, however, you might save its life. WATCH THE VIDEO! Free Video  –  DVDs  –  Books  […]

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  • Puppy Mew at sixteen weeks

    Puppy Mew at sixteen weeks

    Four months old and full of life, Mew’s a real character Some very welcome sunshine this morning prompted me to take the camera out with me when I took the dogs for their twice-daily run. I noticed that Mew’s still eager to get into whatever picture I’m taking, while her close friend Maddie (from Kay […]

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  • Did someone say GO?

    Did someone say GO?

    A picture from this day in 2013, to brighten up a dull Wednesday morning Whatever the weather, the dogs always seem to make the most of things. A great lesson for us all. The picture above shows (L-R) Carew, Ezra, Eli, Pru, Cabbage and Mab (peeping from behind the bale on the right) making the […]

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  • Bronwen excels under pressure at Dean Farm

    Bronwen excels under pressure at Dean Farm

    Working with sheep today was wet and extremely muddy, but Kay and Bronwen got the work done in style We had a very busy day gathering sheep today. First, we moved a bunch of ewes along the lane to a new field, where they joined another flock and put them through the race for ultrasound […]

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  • Young Victor on a frosty morning

    Young Victor on a frosty morning

    Even though it’s cold, the weather’s glorious! There’s nothing quite like a bit of sunlight to brighten up a frosty morning and Victor’s morning was certainly made brighter by the prospect of some training with these sheep. He’s a lovely young dog, with a natural instinct for going round the sheep rather than charging at […]

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  • Mew’s update!

    Mew’s update!

    The weather’s turned chilly, but Mew’s not bothered! One of the less well known but nonetheless amusing sides of puppy rearing, is the way the youngsters seem to grow in stages. The most obvious example of this can be the ears, but often the front legs grow later than the back ones, or the body […]

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  • Hello! My Name’s Mew

    Hello! My Name’s Mew

    Meg and Ezra puppy Mew enjoying herself in the garden this morning This is Mew – one of Meg and Ezra‘s latest litter and of course, granddaughter of dear old Mel. Mew’s not for sale, she’s staying here with us! Mew’s certainly a good looking pup and she’s got an awful lot to live up […]

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  • Border collie for an active pet home (Sold)

    Border collie for an active pet home (Sold)

    CLOVIS – bred for work, but bored by sheep!Clovis is SOLD Clovis was born here on April 3rd 2016. His parents are both working dogs with excellent trialling pedigrees but, despite some early promise, Clovis has decided against working sheep for a living. He will, however, make a lovely pet for an active home. Clovis […]

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