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  • Two in a dog house

    Two in a dog house

    Victor and Scylla are happy to share the vantage point of an upstairs bedroom When we first started our collie collection, we had a routine. We’d buy the dog/dogs/puppy/puppies, get them home, put them in the yard and then build a pen around them. Sometimes it was just substantial enough to contain them overnight, and […]

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  • Our Cat Dog, Jet

    Our Cat Dog, Jet

    Jet’s one of our favourite young sheepdogs but she might even be part-cat! Tall, slim, mostly black, and very fast. That’s how we think of Jet. She gets her tall and slim stature from her father, Oliver and her pricked ears from her mother Kay, but other than the ears, Jet has very little in […]

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  • It’s not often you get this close to a Buzzard

    It’s not often you get this close to a Buzzard

    The dogs found this buzzard in our orchard this morning – we hope it’s OK Buzzards are a very common sight near our house. I think the most I have ever counted was thirteen, but that was just one occasion. Normally there are one or two around the orchard, and they take very little notice […]

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  • Two of our Favourite Boys!

    Two of our Favourite Boys!

    Young Kelpie Will, and his Border Collie friend Jago Kelpie Will and Jago (above) are two of our favourite trainee herding dogs. Will’s training is progressing a little slowly, but he’s definitely getting there, while Jago (a Kay and Oliver puppy) is making great progress. If anything, Jago’s a little too keen. He can’t resist […]

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  • Border Collie Puppies Like to Play Hard!

    Border Collie Puppies Like to Play Hard!

    They’re the best of friends really! Despite appearances, Hattie (with her back to the camera) Jago and Hector (right) are great friends really. It’s just that they like to play really hard. This picture was taken on this morning’s run and I dare say there will be similar fun and games when they go out […]

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  • Remember our “Stolen” Kelpie Puppy?

    Remember our “Stolen” Kelpie Puppy?

    After a dramatic start to his early life, Kelpie Tucker’s doing really well Our regular readers will remember the high drama back in January of this year, when a Kelpie puppy we had ordered was stolen during the week before we were due to collect him. Fortunately, thanks to immediate and very successful Facebook and […]

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  • Sheepdog Recreation Time

    Sheepdog Recreation Time

    Our dogs love to play just as hard as they work Every day of the year, our dogs go out morning and evening for at least an hour of hard play. Whatever the weather, they love nothing more than to race around after frisbees and balls and Scylla (above) is no exception. She loves to […]

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  • Bronwen Rises to Kay’s Challenge

    Bronwen Rises to Kay’s Challenge

    Not to be outdone by Kay’s improved performance yesterday, Bronwen took charge of today’s gather and was outstanding Until now I’ve left the bulk of sheep gathering to Kay because Bronwen had a habit of cutting in and bringing only part of the flock at a time. She’d go back for more if commanded, but […]

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