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  • We have a result – and it’s printable

    We have a result – and it’s printable

    My older sisters used to tell me, “To the pure, all is pure” and our latest competition really proved it. Where some people see a (to me) surprisingly relaxed sheep undergoing an extensive pedicure, other people could only see a groin. When it came to picking a winner I was very tempted by Chris Bradley’s “I’m not […]

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  • TOO LATE – for the free caption competition!

    TOO LATE – for the free caption competition!

    Win a great DVD prize in our FREE CAPTION COMPETITION All you need to do is think of a great caption for this picture of a sheep awaiting a pedicure. The person whose caption we judge to be the best for this picture will be invited to choose one of our fabulous DVDs (see below). […]

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  • Why some sheep run away from dogs and others don’t

    Have you ever wondered why some sheep run away as the dog approaches, while others stand their ground? There are many reasons for sheep to run away from dogs but, primarily, sheep instinctively see dogs as predators. Dogs are descended from wolves and, let’s be honest, there’s an awful lot of sheep worrying these days […]

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  • 100 Percent Wool – Dry-flat!

    Sometimes, we feel really sorry for our sheep, and today is one of those days. The poor creatures have withstood an enormous amount of rain over the past few weeks, and now they look really sorry for themselves. I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, that we are working the sheep as little as possible at the […]

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  • A welcome touch of frost but we urgently need rain (in England)

    It’s great to see the landscape covered with frost again, but what we really need is a good steady downpour of rain lasting for several days, if not weeks. England is traditionally associated with a high annual rainfall but last summer and autumn were exceptionally dry, especially in the western midlands. I’ve mentioned before that […]

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  • Some things are easier said than done

    On our Sheepdog Training DVD I explain that you must keep young puppies away from sheep. There’s a very good reason for this – if the sheep should frighten the pup, that fear could stay with the pup for many years, if not for all its life. Fortunately, our sheep (Welsh Mules) are very placid […]

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  • Puppies keep us waiting…and awake

    It’s been a week of new additions, though not the new additions we were expecting. The litter of puppies that was due last Friday has yet to put in an appearance. The mother, who’s usually a stickler for due dates, is looking very relaxed about it all; it’s OK for her, she knows what’s going […]

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  • DROUGHT in Worcestershire?

    I wish we could have some rain! Although our ground is heavy clay, the grass is brown and burned off. The sheep are eating what amounts to wisps of hay stuck in the ground (but I must admit they seem to be doing well on it). But it can’t last. The grass isn’t growing because […]

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