Oh – NO ! (Puppies again)!

When border collie puppies are first born, they’re just like little grubs. This picture is of a one day old sheepdog puppy Harmless, aren’t they? Don’t you believe it. Before you know it these sweet little grubs are big as chihuahuas – and they don’t seem to be able to take “no” for an answer. I… Continue reading Oh – NO ! (Puppies again)!

Alfie’s Blog

Did you know our little chihuahua Alfie has his own blog? Just recently, Alfie’s lost his tiny little chihuahua bed because the great big border collie Glen has taken it over! For a great pic of Glen curled up in Alfie’s little bed, visit Alfie’s Blog.

Elitist? . . Me?

I can’t believe it, but I’m getting complaints. I’m accused of elitism. It’s not elitism, it’s called noblesse oblige – we Chihuahuas have responsibilities. Chihuahuas are born to be adored leaders, firm but fair (ish). Collies, Kelpies, Huntaways and Corgis, for example, are born to work with sheep and cattle; Labradors collect shot birds (ugh)… Continue reading Elitist? . . Me?

It’s not that I mind puppies . . .

While I write this, Chester is sitting on the window ledge, watching the dogs in the yard and shouting out encouragement or disapproval as the occasion demands. Mainly disapproval. I know I said we’d have puppies in January, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t puppies here now. The current banes of my life are a… Continue reading It’s not that I mind puppies . . .