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  • Puppy Mew at sixteen weeks

    Puppy Mew at sixteen weeks

    Four months old and full of life, Mew’s a real character Some very welcome sunshine this morning prompted me to take the camera out with me when I took the dogs for their twice-daily run. I noticed that Mew’s still eager to get into whatever picture I’m taking, while her close friend Maddie (from Kay […]

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  • Young Victor on a frosty morning

    Young Victor on a frosty morning

    Even though it’s cold, the weather’s glorious! There’s nothing quite like a bit of sunlight to brighten up a frosty morning and Victor’s morning was certainly made brighter by the prospect of some training with these sheep. He’s a lovely young dog, with a natural instinct for going round the sheep rather than charging at […]

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  • Mew’s update!

    Mew’s update!

    The weather’s turned chilly, but Mew’s not bothered! One of the less well known but nonetheless amusing sides of puppy rearing, is the way the youngsters seem to grow in stages. The most obvious example of this can be the ears, but often the front legs grow later than the back ones, or the body […]

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  • Hello! My Name’s Mew

    Hello! My Name’s Mew

    Meg and Ezra puppy Mew enjoying herself in the garden this morning This is Mew – one of Meg and Ezra‘s latest litter and of course, granddaughter of dear old Mel. Mew’s not for sale, she’s staying here with us! Mew’s certainly a good looking pup and she’s got an awful lot to live up […]

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  • Two in a dog house

    Two in a dog house

    Victor and Scylla are happy to share the vantage point of an upstairs bedroom When we first started our collie collection, we had a routine. We’d buy the dog/dogs/puppy/puppies, get them home, put them in the yard and then build a pen around them. Sometimes it was just substantial enough to contain them overnight, and […]

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  • Our Cat Dog, Jet

    Our Cat Dog, Jet

    Jet’s one of our favourite young sheepdogs but she might even be part-cat! Tall, slim, mostly black, and very fast. That’s how we think of Jet. She gets her tall and slim stature from her father, Oliver and her pricked ears from her mother Kay, but other than the ears, Jet has very little in […]

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  • Two of our Favourite Boys!

    Two of our Favourite Boys!

    Young Kelpie Will, and his Border Collie friend Jago Kelpie Will and Jago (above) are two of our favourite trainee herding dogs. Will’s training is progressing a little slowly, but he’s definitely getting there, while Jago (a Kay and Oliver puppy) is making great progress. If anything, Jago’s a little too keen. He can’t resist […]

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  • Border Collie Puppies Like to Play Hard!

    Border Collie Puppies Like to Play Hard!

    They’re the best of friends really! Despite appearances, Hattie (with her back to the camera) Jago and Hector (right) are great friends really. It’s just that they like to play really hard. This picture was taken on this morning’s run and I dare say there will be similar fun and games when they go out […]

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