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  • Remember our “Stolen” Kelpie Puppy?

    Remember our “Stolen” Kelpie Puppy?

    After a dramatic start to his early life, Kelpie Tucker’s doing really well Our regular readers will remember the high drama back in January of this year, when a Kelpie puppy we had ordered was stolen during the week before we were due to collect him. Fortunately, thanks to immediate and very successful Facebook and […]

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  • Sheepdog Recreation Time

    Sheepdog Recreation Time

    Our dogs love to play just as hard as they work Every day of the year, our dogs go out morning and evening for at least an hour of hard play. Whatever the weather, they love nothing more than to race around after frisbees and balls and Scylla (above) is no exception. She loves to […]

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  • You can find shelter in all sorts of places

    You can find shelter in all sorts of places

    These are a few of the border collie puppies we sometimes have for sale to suitable working or very active homes The puppies come from excellent sheep and cattle working lines, and will be ideal for farm work as well as agility and other very active homes. Some will be rough coated and a few […]

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  • Molly Completes Our Kelpie Trio

    Molly Completes Our Kelpie Trio

    Molly joins us as Kelpie number three! We’re very pleased to welcome our latest Kelpie puppy Molly to join our other Kelpies Will and Tucker, as trainee sheep and cattle herding dogs. Mollie is super-obedient at the moment, a real pleasure to have around but of course, she’s only been with us for a few […]

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  • Pic of the Day – Eric’s finding his place

    Pic of the Day – Eric’s finding his place

    AND his name! It turns out that the Chihuahua, formerly known as Emrys, is actually called Eric. Eric’s been with us for a week now, and is starting to find his place within the pack. I’d assumed that Eric’s “pack” would be the existing small dogs, Alfie and Chester, but Eric’s clearly aiming higher than […]

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  • Pic of the day – Puppies! Hurrah!

    We’re delighted that one of our favourite collies, Isla, has produced a litter of seven fabulous puppies. Of course we’re just assuming, at the moment, that they’ll be fabulous, but with Isla for a mother, and a father like Ezra, what else could they possibly be? The puppies, four girls and three boys, were born […]

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  • Happy sheepdog, happy shepherd & vice versa

    Smooth coated, but no smooth operator, Max is the focus of our next tutorial. In 2011 we bought a dog who’s since become famous (or infamous) in our household. We expected Max to be a problem, that was why we chose him, but he tested our resolve on more than one occasion! We know, from […]

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  • Three Years Ago Today!

    Three Years Ago Today!

    As we await the coming storms, remember March 2013 As we bask in glorious sunshine today it’s hard to imagine there are some unpleasant storms approaching the UK. I was looking through some old photos recently and came across some which I took on this day (March 25th) in 2013. We don’t expect (or want) […]

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