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  • Pic of the day: Tucker gets promoted

    Pic of the day: Tucker gets promoted

    Tucker’s in charge when we collect new puppies And seems to change from bouncy puppy to calm, sophisticated young “dog of the world” in an instant! We’re told that Kelpies are especially good travellers. Tucker’s already pretty well travelled, within Wales anyway, but we thought we’d give him an extra outing on Monday and took […]

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  • Pic of the Day: One last Kelpie fix

    Pic of the Day: One last Kelpie fix

    Perhaps the Kelpies have been getting more than their fair share of “Pic of the Day” attention recently. Trouble is, they’re so darned cute… Will and Tucker are best friends and, although Tucker’s tiny and Will’s adolescent (Will could easily flatten Tucker if he felt inclined) they get along really well. Well, perhaps not so […]

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  • Pic of the day: Frosty dogs

    Pic of the day: Frosty dogs

    Whatever the weather, the dogs are always ready for the morning run and don’t seem to notice the temperature. Can’t say the same for Andy and me, but even frost and fog have compensations. It took strength of will to get me out into the cold this morning but, as is often the case with […]

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  • Pic of the day: Take a look at Lottie!

    Pic of the day: Take a look at Lottie!

    Another new dog dialect in the pack But unlike the Kelpies, Lottie the Bearded Collie has fitted in immediately. Despite some very traditional Border collie markings, Lottie is a Bearded collie (known as a Beardie). She’s only 7 months old (so perhaps she hasn’t grown her full beard yet) but Lottie’s eager to work sheep, […]

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  • Did I say I might miss Carew?

    A Huge Test for Ezra and Bronwen at Dean Farm Regular readers of our blog will know that we parted with Carew earlier this month. Carew’s such a talented sheepdog that because we have so little work for her (especially in winter) we took the agonising decision to let her go to a large flock […]

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  • Pic of the day – Talking sheepdogs

    Does dog language have accents and dialects? It’s a while since we introduced a new dog that wasn’t a Border collie. Now we’ve added the Kelpies, William and Tucker, to the crew, it’s fascinating to watch them finding their way around the collies – and vice versa. We’ve learnt that collies have their own way […]

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  • Farewell to Carew, we wish her the best

    Farewell to Carew, we wish her the best

    Would you part with one of the best sheepdogs you ever had? The last few days at Kings Green Farm have been something of a roller coaster. At the end of last week we had the trauma of the Kelpie puppies being stolen, and then huge relief when we heard they’d been recovered from North […]

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  • Our ‘Stolen’ Kelpie – Tucker!

    Our ‘Stolen’ Kelpie – Tucker!

    Tucker’s safe in his new home after his ordeal Tucker’s a puppy that we had reserved from a litter of Kelpie pups before they were dramatically stolen from Clunton in Shropshire this week. Thankfully, after many thousands of Facebook shares and Twitter retweets, someone over a hundred miles away in North Wales recognised the puppies […]

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