Category: Our Sheepdogs at Work

  • Little Mo – Sheepdog Training Course Assistant

    It’s so easy to keep using the dog which proves best for any one task, and overlook the less experienced dogs Kay has certainly proved invaluable as an assistant on our sheepdog training courses but for yesterday’s group training course, Kay was unable to help because she’s ‘in season’. This meant that I would have […]

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  • Kay and Mel – two great thinkers

    Having great sheepdogs is an honour that I appreciate more and more. Of course, how you train a dog is very important but there are things that you can’t really train for; things that money can’t buy either. A dog which can think for itself is priceless and we are extremely lucky to have not […]

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  • Mossie – born to work sheep!

    One of the most naturally talented puppies we’ve ever had is Mossie. She was born on 29th January and can already get the sheep in by herself. Mossie’s parents are Jill and Eli. We don’t normally recommend allowing sheepdog puppies to work sheep because of the very high risk of them losing their confidence if […]

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