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  • Get to grips with gripping

    Many novice handlers are horrified if their dog grips. It has to be stopped, of course, but help is on hand! “Gripping” is the euphemistic term we use to describe a dog that bites – literally “grips” – a sheep, but it covers a spectrum of behaviour from taking a nip at the fleece as […]

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  • Training a strong dog and struggling?

    Training a strong dog and struggling?

    Does your sheepdog training sometimes feel like a fight to protect the sheep? We welcome questions from subscribers to the online tutorials, and a common problem (sometimes described as “the red mist”) can be summed up by this extract from a recent email. “We are training an 18 month old B/C bitch we have owned […]

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  • Herding Sheep and Cattle at Dean Farm

    Herding Sheep and Cattle at Dean Farm

    Carew at work with sheep and cattle Yesterday’s routine trip to Dean Farm turned out to be more challenging than I expected when first Carew had to gather thirty ewes with lambs which were mixed up with an equal number of young cattle, and then she had to return some renegade calves to the field […]

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  • Herding Dog vs Sheep

    Herding Dog vs Sheep

    Carew demonstrates patience and determination when challenged by a stubborn sheep Just under a week ago, we exchanged our well-chased sheep for some fresh ones. The new bunch of sheep comprises several breeds, including pure Welsh, speckle-faced, and mules. There are even two black sheep in there! Some of the newcomers can be surprisingly stubborn […]

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  • Carew and Kay meet their match!

    Carew and Kay meet their match!

    Our Featured image (above) shows Mo – seemingly unaware of the two lambs behind her! The sheep in Shropshire don’t give up too easily Herding began well on Saturday, when we took Carew and Kay to Shropshire to gather sheep for shearing, but unfortunately the ewes and their lambs were determined not to be gathered […]

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  • Now Available – A Tale of Two Collies!

    Now Available – A Tale of Two Collies!

    Our new Sheepdog Training Tutorials project compares the training of litter-sisters Bronwen and Scylla They may be litter sisters, but Bronwen and Scylla are two trainee herding dogs with very different temperaments. Both love to play, and both are fanatical about working stock but there the similarity ends. Scylla isn’t too keen on people and […]

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  • FREE Herding Sheepdog Training Video

    FREE Herding Sheepdog Training Video

    Signup for FREE Membership then simply LOGIN to watch this training tutorial! Tess in the Open Field is an entire eighteen minute training session with a strong and wilful dog that our regular members will be familiar with. Tess is a strong-willed dog with the potential to become a very useful sheepdog once she’s learned […]

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  • A cold wet gather but our spirits were high

    A cold wet gather but our spirits were high

    In less than a month, the days will begin to lengthen! This morning I had a surprise call from our landlord John who wanted me to help gather sheep at Dean Farm. As usual, I was more than glad to oblige, but things were a bit rushed! We were late getting up, and the first […]

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