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  • Kay shows her true potential at Slindon Sheepdog Trial

    Kay shows her true potential at Slindon Sheepdog Trial

    Kay’s excellent performance at Slindon SDT is in stark contrast to that of her handler I cannot recall when I last competed in an Open sheepdog trial. It must be at least five or six years, but I can’t even remember which trial it was. Last year I competed in the Local Novice class at […]

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  • Taking a sheepdog puppy to sheep

    Taking a sheepdog puppy to sheep

    Training a sheepdog can be much easier if you introduce the dog to sheep at an early age.But only attempt it if you know what you’re doing. Our regular readers will know that we like to introduce pups to sheep at an early age, but they will also be aware that it should be done […]

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  • A glorious start to the new year

    A glorious start to the new year

    Despite all the rain, the weather’s been mild and surprisingly sunny for the time of year! You may have noticed that we’ve been really busy over the holiday period; we’ve been improving the look of the website and adding dedicated comments pages for people to ask questions and leave their thoughts on our tutorials. The […]

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  • After so many, we still get excited about a lovely new dog

    Perhaps the novelty doesn’t ever wear off! Last Saturday we welcomed Kim to our pack, and we’re both looking forward to working with her. Kim came to our attention in a training class a couple of months ago. Over lunch, Andy gave me the run through the day’s dogs (as I always insist he does). […]

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  • Carew’s Big Outrun – The Movie

    You’ve read the blog, now see the film! We’re pleased to see a lot of interest in our blog, particularly on the days when we take Kay and Carew to gather sheep at Dean Farm for our landlord and friend, John Richards. Dean Farm is our easiest opportunity to give our dogs practice with long […]

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  • Sheepdogs must flank both ways

    Kay’s control, versatility and manoeuvrability prove their worth in a tight situation Saturday isn’t our regular day for gathering sheep at Dean Farm, but on Wednesday, John had mentioned that he wanted to take some ewes to a weekend store sale at Worcester Cattle Market. I volunteered to help with the dogs, reminding him that […]

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  • Gimmers in the mist – if you can find them

    Gimmers in the mist – if you can find them

    Gathering sheep in the mist is atmospheric – if only you can find them! I’m not a great sleeper, so it’s hardly surprising that this morning I found myself wide awake at four-thirty even though I wasn’t due to meet John for another two hours. Undaunted, I filled in the time by doing some maintenance […]

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  • Carew really doesn’t want to be left out

    Carew makes it clear she wants to be involved when there’s work to be done With the knowledge that most of the lambs have already gone to market and many, if not all, of the ewes will soon be sold, I was pleasantly surprised when John rang and asked me to help gather his sheep […]

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