Registered dog puppy available

SORRY, Aanick has been sold

Small but perfectly formed, Aanick’s big personality makes up for his lack of stature.

When Aanick was born, on March 17th, he was the smallest (tiniest!) pup in a litter of 11. We feared the worst, but did our best to ensure he had the best start we could possibly give him.

Luckily Aanick was also determined to get the best start he could, and always managed to creep through to the front of the crowd at the milk bar, and find himself the warmest place in the middle when everyone fell asleep.

Aanick has the unique feature of being the only border collie we’ve ever had who doesn’t have a white tip to his tail. This is because his mother accidentally (we hope) nipped it off when he was two weeks old! He still looks lovely of course, and his tail looks completely normal – just a bit short and very black.

Aanick’s not much smaller than his litter sister now. He’s proving to be a real character who loves to play rough, but equally enjoys “chilling out” on a convenient lap to watch the world go by.

Aanick’s parents are Maddie (the photo on the left) and Ezra (on the right). Maddie was bred here from Kay (who features largely in our First Steps DVD) and Oliver.

Ezra needs little introduction. We bred Ezra from our dogs Mel and Eli, and Ezra has produced many excellent agility, working trials and sheep/cattle dogs.

Both parents were bred primarily for sheep work, but temperament is also very important to us. Ezra and Maddie are fun, sociable dogs who love to play and mix with other dogs and visitors.

Head and ears of smooth coated sheepdog

We actively encourage all of our dogs to play together (when they’re not working) and the puppies are allowed to join in with the adult dogs as soon as they feel ready, so Aanick is relaxed and sensible around other dogs.

Aanick was initially weaned onto minced beef, lamb and raw chicken, but now eats a mixed diet of raw meat and dried kibble.

Although Aanick would be suitable for agility, obedience, working trials or would make a lovely family pet in an experienced home. He’s already taking a keen and active interest in both sheep and cattle, and with this early enthusiasm he should be easy to train for farm work. Being an amenable and affectionate chap we’re sure Aanick would suit a smallholder or a beginner to sheepdog training.

All our puppies are fully Chihuahua tested

Our puppies are registered with the International Sheep Dog Society, and eligible for registration on the Kennel Club’s Breed or Activity registers.

Aanick is vet checked, regularly wormed, and is fully vaccinated. His purchase price includes his ISDS registration transfer and, if wanted, a year’s subscription to the online tutorials.

Enquiries by email please, and include a little information about yourself.

New dogs – new opportunities

It feels like a new term at Kings Green.

This year’s puppies are ready to start training, and they’re giving us lots of filming and photo opportunities.

Without actually planning it we have a real mix of dogs to bring on and, of course, they’re presenting us with a range of natural talents and individual problems that we’ll reflect in our online training tutorials.

The puppy with the sheep at the top of the page is a Meg/Ezra daughter, Madge. She’s too young for intense training, but she’s keen and determined. Ideally we’d keep a puppy away from challenging situations such as this, but if a puppy goes looking for trouble it’s important that the camera goes too!

In the Dogs chapter of First Steps in Border Collie Sheepdog Training we talk about the options available to a prospective puppy buyer – International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS) registered; UK Kennel Club (KC) registered; or unregistered, and look at the “fors and againsts”. Our Class of 2018 includes all three! It’s early days, but I have to say that the unregistered and KC youngsters are putting up a very strong show.

Smooth coated border collie dog, black and white, unregistered
Boz, born 18th November 2017 from Pippin and Oliver.
Smooth coated border collie black and white female with pricked ears
Phiz – Boz’s litter sister. There’s a definite family likeness!

Our unregistered puppies are Phiz and Boz; they’re well connected to successful trials and working dogs, but their mother, Pippin, isn’t registered.

Phiz and Boz could be registered on merit with the ISDS, of course, but that won’t be necessary until they qualify for the International. Well, you never know.

We rarely buy dogs these days, but earlier this year we bought a couple of youngsters to add to the team.

Trials bred rough coated border collie, Glen
Glen, whose father was in this year’s Welsh National.
Rough coated black and white border collie - sheepdog and family pet.
Rough coated Roy has taken well to his career change.

Glen (from Wales) and Roy (Yorkshire born and bred) are both well bred, but with very different backgrounds. Glen was bred from trials dogs, and Roy, although he’s from trial and working dogs, started his career as a family pet*.

Both dogs have made an excellent start, as well as giving our established frisbee-retrieving team some competition.

Two dogs who are too busy chasing and wrestling to have any time for frisbees are home-bred Scout, and Glenalpine Dash.

Black and white kennel club registered border collie bitch
Brains and beauty – KC registered Dash looks likely to be a super working dog
Smooth coated small border collie puppy
Will Jet’s daughter Scout be an equally smooth operator?

Dash is a daughter of Ezra and Nikki, a KC registered working trials champion. Dash has a lively personality; she earned the name “Dash” within hours of arriving.

Scout is a rich blend of four of our favourite dogs. She’s the (tiny) daughter of Jet (from Kay and Oliver) and Odo (Meg and Ezra).

We have no idea what mix of her grandparents’ strengths and foibles we’re likely to see in Scout. When you breed a litter of puppies it’s a voyage of discovery; there’s no guarantee of what will turn up, and that’s what makes breeding and training so fascinating.

Some of these dogs will almost certainly make an appearance in our long-planned revised edition of First Steps – the original is almost ten years old! What a thought…

Rough coated sheepdog Roy, working dog and family pet.
* A couple of people have asked why Roy changed homes: it was solely due to a change in circumstances, that would have left Roy “home alone” for long periods.
Roy’s a well-socialised, polite and nicely brought up young dog; so nicely brought up, that when he’s working with the sheep and Andy tells him to lie down, Roy insists on coming back to Andy’s lefthand side to lie down beside him!
Roy will be an excellent sheepdog, but he’d probably be happy to be a pet again!

Started young sheepdogs and cattle dogs for sale

A good looking border collie sheepdog, walking up toward some sheep

In recent years we’re training fewer dogs than we used to.
This often results in dogs being sold before we get around to listing them here…

The dogs shown below should give you an idea of prices and working skills of our dogs, but if you’re seriously looking for a dog, it might be a good idea to contact us now to see whether we have anything suitable for you.

Call Andy (daytime or early evening) on: 0777 955 4560  or   use the Contact Form
*Do not text for details of dogs or pups. *We do not sell dogs for export or through a third party. *We do not answer number withheld calls.


Born 27th May 2015 – ISDS: 00/338443
Sire: Ezra 00/313303 – Dam: Meg: 00/312140

About Odo
A home bred ISDS registered sheepdog that will also be suitable for cattle and other livestock. Odo doesn’t have a great deal of practical farm experience, but he’s very keen and a quick learner. He’s got a very useful outrun, wide flanks, and a good stop. His sheep control is very good, and he’s learning to drive.

Odo’s ideal for: SHEEP, CATTLE, GOATS, POULTRY and other livestock

Selling dogs is never easy, but with a dog like Odo, it’s really hard. He’s one of the nicest, most friendly and obliging young dogs you could wish to meet. He wants nothing more than to please his owner, both around the yard, and when he’s working.

Odo’s mother is Meg, one of our permanent dogs, and his sire is our Ezra, litter brother of Carew, one of the best sheep and cattle dogs we’ve ever had. Their mother was Mel, a truly outstanding sheepdog with bags of power and an astonishing ability to know what her handler wanted her to do.

Odo controlling sheep near some trees
Odo’s sheep control is excellent.

General Working
Odo’s a delight to train, because he’s so eager to please. If he knows he’s got something wrong, he’ll try harder next time to get it right. He’s visibly pleased if his handler’s happy with his work.

Odo is fully vaccinated and microchipped

Odo’s experience is limited, but he’s young and will quickly adapt to new tasks. As well as easily managing around thirty five sheep at home, we’ve used him for gathering sheep on another holding where he quickly settled into the new surroundings and gathered in the region of two hundred sheep without a problem. He then pushed them into a yard.

Odo has a very useful outrun and it’s improving daily. He casts out wide and comes in behind his sheep nicely where he’ll stop if told to. His control of the sheep as he brings them to the handler is steady and workmanlike. He’ll stay back as far as you like, or he’s happy to push if you want him to.

Herding sheepdog Odo walking up on his sheep
Odo will keep right back off his stock if required.

Odo’s flanks are excellent. He turns out nicely and goes wide. He stops immediately (most of the time). He flanks wider or not so wide depending on the emphasis in the handler’s voice, and if he’s too wide, can easily be called in closer.

Self control
A really useful feature of Odo’s is his willingness to go further back when told to. He’s also pretty good at staying in place and not interfering if you’re working in amongst the sheep.

Odo has been SOLD

Although he’s already a very useful farm dog, Odo has tremendous scope for further improvement. With experience and further training, he will make a first class working stock dog with the potential to reach a high standard as a sheepdog trials dog if required.

Good with children?
No dog should ever be fully trusted with very young children, but Odo simply loves people and children alike. He’ll catch a frisbee or ball six feet in the air, and will bring it back to the thrower’s feet immediately. He can also be told to go and look for a lost ball, and will usually find it, but when nothing’s going on, he also loves to simply lie by your feet. We’ll really miss Odo when he goes.

We’re training sheepdogs every day, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please contact us with brief details of your requirements.

Do not text for details of dogs or pups
We do not sell dogs for export or through a third party
We do not answer number withheld calls.

Rosewood Archie(SOLD)

born 11th April 2014 – ISDS: 00/333847
Sire: Jock 00/304524 – Dam: Gail 00/314776

Archie is a rough coated, ISDS registered Border collie who not only has great working potential but he’s a super character!

partly trained sheepdog for sale
Archie’s control of sheep has improved recently days and he’s beginning to drive.

Completely dispelling the myth that you shouldn’t let sheepdogs play, Archie’s equally at home with a ball in his mouth, or working a flock of sheep. He’d love to work our neighbour’s cattle too, if we’d let him!

At 13 months Archie’s proving to be an extremely competent young flock dog. Every time he goes to sheep, his work improves considerably.

Archie’s ideal for: SHEEP, CATTLE, GOATS, POULTRY
and other livestock

He has a useful outrun and gathers his sheep cleanly but if he’s sent too far, he’s a little bit inclined to split them, but he responds instantly to the stop command and will stay in place while the sheep re-group. He’s also responding well to the “Look back” command, so his confidence to outrun over greater distances and gather the whole flock will come very soon. Once it does, his price will increase rapidly.

Two border collies jumping a log
Archie loves fun, and would probably do agility too

Generally, Archie’s calm and easily controllable around the sheep. He’ll happily flank both ways, walks up on command, and his stop is near perfect. He’s also started driving the sheep, and shows great confidence at this.

Now that he’s been successfully introduced to pen work, his confidence will continue to build quickly. He’ll flank around the inside of a crowded pen without diving in and gripping or harassing the sheep unduly, and his pace is steady – making him an ideal prospect for a new or novice handler.

Working Sheepdog for Sale - Archie
Archie gives his sheep plenty of space but he’s prepared to get in and push if he needs to

Away from sheep, Archie is a fun-loving dog who enjoys joining in with whatever’s going on. He’s also quite happy to entertain himself, and shows tremendous style in both throwing and catching! He loves to play football!

Young Archie’s got the makings of an excellent sheepdog for someone who’s willing to continue his training. He’s enthusiastic and biddable, as well as eager to learn and please. Very importantly, you can call him away from the sheep. This makes training much easier.

Three white collie puppies
Archie (at the back) with his litter sisters Isla (left) and the smoother-coated Sybil, when they were very young

His affectionate and amenable nature will make Archie a super family and farm dog too. He loves children (especially ones who throw balls for him to retrieve) and while not traditionally marked he’s very striking.

There’s a possibility that we would sell one of Archie’s litter sisters instead, but their training is not as far advanced as Archie’s. If you prefer a female and are looking for something to train, please get in touch.

Archie is SOLD.

We’re training sheepdogs every day, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, please contact us with brief details of your requirements.

Do not text for details of dogs or pups
We do not sell dogs for export or through a third party
We do not answer number withheld calls.

Border collie for an active pet home

Non-working collie dog for sale

CLOVIS – bred for work, but bored by sheep!
Clovis is SOLD

Smooth coated collie dog for sale
Clovis has a calm temperament, but loves to be in on the action

Clovis was born here on April 3rd 2016.

His parents are both working dogs with excellent trialling pedigrees but, despite some early promise, Clovis has decided against working sheep for a living.

He will, however, make a lovely pet for an active home.

Clovis is well socialised with people and other dogs (including Chihuahuas) and loves to be involved with whatever we’re doing.

He currently lives in an outside pen, but he’s eager to please and will be easy to house train if you want him to live indoors.


Please email, using the Contact Us link at the top of the page, if you’d like more details or if you’d like to come and see the dogs.

Our puppies are bred with sheep and cattle working in mind, but temperament is just as important to us. Clovis is a delightful character – obedient, affectionate and companionable.

He is microchipped, vaccinated, and International Sheep Dog Society registered. Clovis is SOLD 161114.

You can find shelter in all sorts of places

Three young puppies huddled together in an upturned dog bed

An upturned plastic dog bed comes in handy when you need somewhere to snooze!

These are a few of the border collie puppies we sometimes have for sale to suitable working or very active homes

A solitary Kelpie puppies face looks out from a mass of wet border collie puppies in a dog bed
Spot the odd one out! Kelpie Molly is swamped by a mass of very wet border collie puppies

The puppies come from excellent sheep and cattle working lines, and will be ideal for farm work as well as agility and other very active homes. Some will be rough coated and a few will be smooth.

Large dog bed filled with border collie, kelpie and chihuahua pups
One happy family! Eric the chihuahua and Molly the kelpie love to spend time with the collie pups

We have both parents of the puppies here and genuine prospective buyers are welcome to spend time with the pups and their parents, both in our garden and out in the field, weather (and suitable clothing) permitting.

Use the CONTACT form to get in touch with us if you’d like to apply for a puppy.

Sheepdog puppies for sale

sheepdog puppy Tesla looking at the camera

26th March 2016: Tesla has been sold
(subject to her 30 day trial period)

We’re expecting two litters in early April. A few of these will be available to sheep or agility homes, so please get in touch.

Tesla (known as Tes) was born on October 3rd 2015. Her sire is our stud dog, Ezra, and her dam is a working sheepdog from Shropshire.

Tesla hasn’t done any serious training yet, but she’s shown us that she’s keen to work. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view!) we have a few young dogs at the moment and, as they’ll all be ready for training at the same time, we’re looking for an active home for Tesla.

Tes mixes well with all the other dogs, and is friendly and affectionate with people, but she’s happy to entertain herself when left on her own. She’s quite obedient for her age, with a good recall, and happy to hop into her pen when playtime’s over. Although she lives outside at present, Tes would be easy to house train, and will make a lovely companion.

Female border collie sheepdog puppy for sale
Tesla, with Ezra in the background

For anyone looking for a sheepdog to train up for themselves, Tes would be an ideal choice. She’s keen, but likes to please, and has proved she’ll work; and being that little bit older than a “new” puppy, there’s not so long to wait before she can start training.

Tes is ISDS registered, microchipped and fully vaccinated. She’s being offered to an active, preferably working, home and will come with the usual 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a free subscription to the online tutorials and a free place on a training course (if it would be helpful – we don’t insist!)

Our puppy pricing policy

Our eight week old ISDS registered puppies normally sell for £600.00 each.

If you buy a puppy of that age, there’s a small chance that it will not want to work sheep. This is not a reflection on the breeding or welfare of the puppy, it just happens from time to time. For a farmer, this can be a big problem. You might keep the puppy until it’s a year old, and then have to face the fact that you’re family is very attached to the dog, but it’s clearly not going to be a sheepdog. So now you have an unwanted pet – and worse, the urgency for getting a sheepdog is increasing. You may even have to buy an older dog so that you can begin training straight away.

Once a puppy is “showing” or taking a keen interest in sheep, unless you ruin the dog by allowing the sheep or some other factor to damage its confidence, you’re virtually guaranteed that puppy will work sheep. Isn’t it worth paying a little extra for the peace of mind? We are happy to demonstrate this puppy with sheep, if required.

Puppies available

Medium or smooth coated black and white border collie puppy

Home bred puppies for sheep or agility

All the available puppies are now SOLD.

There's a mixture of coats among the brothers - this is one of the shorter coated chaps
There’s a mixture of coats among the brothers – this is one of the shorter coated chaps

The puppies (all male) were born on May 27th and will be ready to leave here on, or around, July 22nd. They will be ISDS registered and microchipped.

Lovely black and white collie pup
The first thing our puppies learn is to look into the camera

Both parents are rough coated, but with medium or smooth coats among their ancestors it’s no surprise to find a mixture of coats among the puppies.

There will be a choice between a rough coated tricolour, a rough coated black and white and two medium coated black and white (we don’t mind who we keep). All the puppies are bold, healthy and independent, with outgoing, adventurous but affectionate temperaments. Just like their parents, in fact.

We’re expecting these lovely little dogs to be high drive personalities (like their father)!

Border collie climbing a tree to retrieve a toy
Ezra’s puppies generally inherit his “can-do” attitude

Smooth coated collie puppies for sale

There are two females available from this litter.

Every dog we sell is covered by our “no quibble” 30 day money-back guarantee, together with a free online tutorial subscription, and DVD if required.

Tricolour border collie
Kay has become a mainstay of our training courses

Kay and Oliver produced a litter of six healthy puppies on January 11th, and we have two females available to active agility, farming or sheep working homes.

The pups have been microchipped and ISDS registered.

At 7 weeks of age (4th March) all of the puppies are inquisitive and confident, spending most of the day free to explore the garden and orchard with Kay and our usual “puppy mentor”, Carew.

They will make excellent working dogs and should be easy to train provided they’re not allowed to get into a situation where the sheep challenge and frighten them while they’re still small.

Both parents of these pups can be seen working sheep

Two black and white border collies - one smooth coated and one rough coated
Oliver in the foreground

Oliver has some excellent dogs in his pedigree, coming from Kevin Evans’ and Aled Owen’s lines, but, just as importantly, he has a really lovely, calm and affectionate temperament.

Kay’s progress with us has been well documented, both on DVD and in our blog posts. She’s a super sheepdog, and a great character.

Not just strong sheepdogs, puppies from Kay’s previous litters have also done exceptionally well in agility. Like their mother, they tend to be strong-willed but extremely trainable.

Cute border collie puppy
This is Alba, one of the available girls

Although Kay is medium coated we’re assuming the puppies will be smooth coated, like Oliver.

All the puppies are black and white, well marked and rough coated, priced at £600.

Please do not text for details of dogs or pups.  

We rarely sell for export and never sell through a third party.

Contact us for details of any litters later in the year.