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  • FAQ – My dog killed a sheep

    FAQ – My dog killed a sheep

    QUESTION: My dogs killed a sheep today. I don’t want to have the dogs destroyed, they are working Kelpie X Collie dogs which we want to train on sheep and cattle. What can I do? ANSWER: I’m sorry to hear that your dogs have killed a ewe. I’m afraid this is what happens when people […]

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  • FAQ – My dog stops sheep going in the pen!

    QUESTION: I’m trying to put the sheep into a yard but my dog stops them from going in. How can I get my dog to put the sheep right in? ANSWER: This problem is more common than you would think. One example of it is when you first begin to move sheep into another field. […]

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  • FAQ – Training Huntaway Blue Heeler ‘driving’ dogs

    QUESTION: I’m getting a Huntaway to work my sheep and cattle but I can’t find any Huntaway or Blue Heeler specific training on the internet. Are they the same as Border Collies? ANSWER: The basics such as general dog behaviour and discipline around stock are exactly the same, but as I understand it, Huntaways and […]

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  • FAQ – Stop the dog splitting the sheep!

    FAQ – Stop the dog splitting the sheep!

    QUESTION: My dog likes to split the sheep up and bite them. I am having trouble getting her to go round them. Can you help? ANSWER: It’s perfectly normal for your dog to split the sheep up in the very early stages of training. It shows she has the natural ability she needs to become […]

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  • FAQ – Can a sheepdog live in the house?

    QUESTION: My dog is very enthusiastic and eager to work but she’s a bit timid and runs away from aggressive sheep. Are we spoiling her by keeping her in the house? ANSWER: Living in the house shouldn’t affect the dog’s confidence when it works sheep, but there are plenty of things you can do to […]

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  • FAQ – Help for an inexperienced handler

    QUESTION: I purchased a fully trained sheepdog but I have never worked a dog on livestock before. Do your videos cover how to start off with a trained dog? ANSWER: Sometimes people buy a trained dog in the hope that it will know what to do, but that’s asking a lot of the poor dog! […]

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  • FAQ – Training an older dog

    QUESTION: We have an eight year old border collie and now live on a smallholding where we will soon get our first flock of sheep. Will it be possible to train the dog to work sheep? ANSWER: In theory, you can train any dog which has the necessary instinct for herding – but there are […]

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  • What’s Wrong With White Sheepdogs?

    What’s Wrong With White Sheepdogs?

    Answer – NOTHING! (Well, almost nothing). A recent question from one of our members reminded us that white border collie sheepdog pups are not as popular as black and white, tricolour, red or other colours. That’s a pity – and there’s little or no justification for it, unless you’re a sheepdog trials competitor. If you […]

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