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  • Featured tutorial – Tess in the Open Field

    Featured tutorial – Tess in the Open Field

    Maintaining control in the open field An over-excited and strong-willed Tess first appeared in our Starting a Strong Dog tutorial. By the time we filmed “Tess in the Open Field” she’d made great progress, and proved she was quite capable of working to a high standard, but Tess was still young and sheer novelty and enthusiasm made her inconsistent.  However, it […]

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  • Featured tutorials – gripping the sheep

    Featured tutorials – gripping the sheep

    Training a dog that grips can feel like a thankless task; it might seem that you take three steps forward in your training session only to start the next session two steps further back! It’s important to have faith in your dog and yourself, and concentrate on the small improvements you make.  We wouldn’t want […]

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  • Featured tutorials – Looking at Sheep

    Featured tutorials – Looking at Sheep

    A short introduction to sheep behaviour can be very useful to a beginner in sheepdog training

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  • Featured tutorial – whistles and whistle commands

    If you’d like to use a sheepdog whistle, but don’t know where to start, there are two tutorials in the Online Training Tutorials library that can help. Part 1: How to blow a sheepdog whistle In The Sheepdog Whistle Andy demonstrates a tried and tested technique to get you blowing your whistle within minutes. Once you can make […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Working in a yard or pen

    As the photo shows, being close to the sheep in a confined space can be intimidating for any dog and, as usual, confidence is key. For help with this type of work, watch our Eve at the Pen tutorial. Watch Eve at the Pen for help with: A dog who circles the sheep after its outrun, instead of bringing […]

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  • Featured tutorial – the Training Ring

    Featured tutorial – the Training Ring

    In Part One of our Training Ring tutorial we demonstrate how the ring can be invaluable when starting a young dog or puppy, especially when there’s no experienced dog to lend a hand; the ring keeps the action within easy reach, and allows us to control or support the youngster, as needed. In time, of […]

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  • Featured tutorial – The Stop (Part 3)

    Featured tutorial – The Stop (Part 3)

    Stopping the dog is a great help, but don’t rush it! A huge thank you to the subscriber who let us know they were having problems running Part Three of our Stopping the Dog tutorial. The entire tutorial has been taken apart and put back together again, and not only is it up and running as […]

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  • Featured tutorial – Driving

    Featured tutorial – Driving

    The Driving tutorials are among our most popular videos, tackling a subject that many handlers – and dogs – find challenging. In Driving Part 1 you’ll discover how to ease the dog into driving and reduce the stress involved when we ask the dog to take the stock away – the exact opposite of everything […]

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