Collie puppies for sale

We have a few keen young pups available to active or working homes.

Very pretty tricolour collie puppy

We're delighted with this year's puppies, but there are a few available for sale to active and/or working homes.

All the puppies are bold and very well socialised; microchipped, vaccinated and health checked at 8 weeks, and regularly wormed. They are reared on a mixed diet of dry kibble and raw meat and bones, so will be easy to change to the buyer's preferred diet.

As at 1st July, they are all ready to go to their new homes.

Tricolour border collie puppy for sale

The puppies spend several weeks living in the porch next to the kitchen, where they become familiar with household noises and the coming and going of visitors (both human and canine). They are allowed to mix freely with all of our dogs as soon as they want to join in, so they understand about living with "the pack" and dealing with adult dogs.

Smooth coated sheepdog puppy

The puppies will be easy to house train as they learn to keep their porch "bedroom" clean, and are fastidious about toileting outside.

There are just one or two puppies available from each litter. Registration will be with the International Sheep Dog Society or the Kennel Club, but all have a trialling/working pedigree.

Black and white rough coated Border collie puppies

Previous puppies from both of our stud dogs, Oliver and Ezra, regularly reach the highest level in working trials and agility, or become excellent sheep and cattle dogs.

Our puppies are bred with sheep and cattle working in mind, but temperament is just as important to us. These are delightful characters - fun, affectionate and enthusiastic.

We have dogs and a bitch available, smooth and rough coated. Please email using the Contact form for more details, and tell us a little about yourself.

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