Does your dog cast out too wide around stock?

A dog which works too far off the sheep or cattle will lose control of them

Although officially Part 7 of our Bronwen and Scylla comparison, this tutorial concentrates on a problem that's Bronwen's very own. While Scylla has been inclined to be too tight on her sheep, Bronwen's flanks are often pointlessly wide. Worse, Bronwen can lose contact with her sheep and, once they've escaped her, the entire session is held up while they're brought back together again - and not always with style.

Arguably it's a less common problem than a dog who's too tight on the sheep, but it's no less disruptive or frustrating!

With time and experience, most dogs seem to realise for themselves that they're wasting time and energy by going out so far, but what can you do in the meantime? And can you correct a dog that's too far away from you?

In our latest herding sheepdog training tutorial, you can watch Andy working with Bronwen when this fault was at its worst.

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