I’m in trouble again . . .

Chihuahua Alfie with a border collie puppy
This is me telling a border collie puppy, who's wears the trousers around here!

No I don’t mean the picture – that was taken in April 2007 when I first arrived here. When you’re so much smaller than the other dogs (there are about 15 border collies, a great dane and a deerhound x lurcher to contend with) you have to assert your authority right from the word go.

The reason I’m in trouble is because I forgot to mention the Working Sheepdog Blog – that’s the blog for the Working Sheepdog Website.

We’re having some pretty bad weather here in the UK (well, bad compared to what we’re used to) and so Andy and Gillian thought it would be sensible to keep everyone informed about sheepdog training and other boring stuff like that.

For lots of information about sheepdog training and up to date news of the Working Sheepdog Website, read the Working Sheepdog Blog. (OK, I’ve done it – now do I get to sleep on the radiator)?

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