Eli in the Mud – 2013

border collie sheepdog soaking wet and covered in mud

It was muddy in 2013 too!

The persistent wet weather we’ve seen in the UK recently can be quite depressing, but it prompted us to cast our minds back three years. 2013 got off to a REALLY wet start! You can’t see it in this picture, but our field was a vast expanse of liquid mud – with very little food for the sheep.

It got so wet that in an effort to preserve the remaining precious grass, we stopped taking the dogs into the field because even their light feet were churning up the ground. We restricted them to the local bridleways and woodland (poor dabs). Fortunately we have a better covering of grass this winter, and so far it’s done a good job of cushioning the dogs’ feet, but a few days of dry weather would be very welcome.

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