Everything’s So Wet!

Non working great dane - Lily

OK – Just for Greg (see Facebook comments) this is a pic of our lovely great dane – Lily. She doesn’t work sheep, but we love her just the same!

(We’re hoping to keep the sheepdog training courses going).

Just at the moment (especially after last night’s heavy rain) training our own dogs is on hold.

The ground is so sodden, it’s hard to walk around on it, let alone train a sheepdog.

We’re keeping the sheep off the training areas in the hope that we can keep our sheepdog training courses running but it’s a good idea to come back to this page and check from time to time.

The sheep are having a pretty miserable time of it, too.

We’re running out of fresh grass and even though the sheep are not expecting lambs, we’re feeding concentrates to ensure they’re in top condition.

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