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FAQ – Outruns (send the dog from your side)

FAQ – Outruns (send the dog from your side)

QUESTION: My dog’s doing lovely long outruns when I stand between her and the sheep, but how do I get her to do them from by my side?

ANSWER: The reason for standing between the dog and the sheep when you send it on its outrun, is so that you can move towards the dog and encourage it to go out wider as it comes past you.

Once you’re satisfied that the dog is going wide enough without you having to walk towards it or shout at it, then you can gradually reduce the distance between yourself and the dog before you send it off.

If you find the dog begins to come in tighter, you need to position yourself closer to the sheep next time.

I can’t give you any specific distances because they are infinitely variable, but you will know whether you’re happy with the width of the dog’s outrun or not.

If you are satisfied, reduce the distance between yourself and the dog next time, but if the dog’s too tight (either on the main outrun, or as it gets near the sheep) you need to be closer to the sheep next time

There are three Sheepdog Training Tutorials dedicated to the outrun in the Tutorials Library.


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