Featured tutorial – Driving

Featured tutorial – Driving

The Driving tutorials are among our most popular videos, tackling a subject that many handlers – and dogs – find challenging.

In Driving Part 1 you’ll discover how to ease the dog into driving and reduce the stress involved when we ask the dog to take the stock away – the exact opposite of everything we’ve been teaching up till now! Some sheepdog trainers dread teaching their dog to drive, but there’s really no need to worry if you take the time to understand what’s happening.

Driving Part 2 shows how to use your body position to maintain some control over the dog (and sheep) in the early stages of driving. In this tutorial, Andy shows that putting himself in the right place at the right time, can make a huge difference to the behaviour of the dog.

In Part 3 we see a typical trainee error – the dog who’s anxious to get ahead of the sheep and bring them back to the handler. Luckily we’ve already taught a command to help with that…but which? Andy demonstrates how using what might be deemed an inappropriate command can bring the dog back onto line.

It can be helpful to watch the Circling the Sheep (sometimes called Inside Flanks) tutorials in conjunction with Driving, and you’ll find them all within the Driving category in the library.


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