Featured tutorial – Sending the dog the Wrong Way

Our Sending the Dog the Wrong Way tutorial demonstrates a great exercise to encourage the dog to widen out on its flanks and outrun, and to give the sheep more space.

But, just as when we start to teach shedding we ask the dog to ignore one of its basic lessons (NOT to run through the sheep) this time we want the dog to work off balance: that is, to ignore the old rule of stopping at the back of the sheep (often referred to as 12 o’clock).

A collie sheepdog working sheep in long yellow grass

It isn’t always easy to convince the dog that this is a good idea, so take time to understand the technique and why your dog might find it difficult.

Teaching your dog to ignore the point of balance and go the wrong way is essential for driving, and for yard and pen work, and will result in a more versatile and useful dog.

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