Featured tutorial – Why Your Dog Should Flank Both Ways

It’s important that your dog will flank both ways around the stock

Sheepdog in training flanking both ways
Young Mossie’s learning to go round the sheep in both directions

For day-to-day farming tasks you might be able to work around your dog’s shortcomings, but when the unexpected happens (as it surely will) you, your dog, or more likely your sheep, will run into trouble if the dog is reluctant to flank freely in both directions.

Why Your Dog Should Flank Both Ways relives an incident that demonstrated the value of a versatile dog. Happily our emergency was on cosmetic and economic grounds. But anyone who keeps sheep near railway tracks, water, roads, or neighbours’ gardens should always be in a position to retrieve their sheep safely, and with minimum damage.

A Border collie sheepdog should flank both ways

Why Your Dog Should Flank Both Ways can be found in the Flanks and Circling category in the online library. 

The older the dog, the longer it will take to correct the habit of a lifetime. It CAN be done, but of course it’s better to avoid the bad habit arising in the first place.

For a simple but essential training exercise to correct or prevent one-sidedness in your dog, watch the Backwards is the Way Forward tutorial (DVD volume 2). Or to see one-sidedness “in action”, look out for Scylla in the Bronwen and Scylla series.


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