Featured tutorials – basic training

There’s more to training a sheepdog than just sheep work.

We know that sheepdogs love to work, so we can take advantage of that to teach our dogs other things that will make life easier for us – and them.

We want to remind you of two tutorials in the library: Use a Reward to Get Training on Board, and Eliminate the Toilet Break.

In Use a Reward we meet Odo, a super-keen collie who’s less keen about travelling. We demonstrate, in real time, how quickly Odo can be convinced that travelling’s not only nothing to worry about, but even essential if he wants to work the sheep. It doesn’t take Odo very long to learn this simply-taught lesson.

In Eliminate the Toilet Break Archie learns that preparation is important for a long work session or sheepdog trial run. A dog who stops to relieve himself during his work not only risks losing control of his sheep, it looks unprofessional and in a trial can lose you valuable points. If the dog continues to work, regardless, there’s every chance that it feels very uncomfortable, and who can concentrate, or give of their best, under those circumstances?

It’s easy to teach your dog to toilet on command and avoid both of these issues and, incidentally, it can be very useful when you’re travelling.

NB: Tutorials are available to paid subscribers who are logged into their account. There’s more information about our sheepdog training tutorials in the video below.

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