Featured tutorials – Putting a stop (or wait, or lie down) to it

Stopping the Dog – Parts One, Two & Three take a detailed look at the problems surrounding the stop (or wait, or lie down, or whatever command you choose). They explain why your dog doesn’t want to stop, and what you can do to make it more likely that the dog will obey your stop command when you give it.

We also look at situations that occur, or that you can create, where the dog is most likely to obey you. And, when all else fails, how to catch your dog (and why it’s important to let it go again). 

With further training, Jet will make an excellent sheep or cattle dog

Every handler wants a dog that stops on command, on the spot; and a dog that will stay there is a real bonus, but if you have a keen youngster is it possible to achieve that elusive “good stop” without undermining the dog’s confidence? 

As with so many problems that arise as the dog makes progress, the answer lies in a good foundation and not skimping on the early exercises. 

Watch Stopping the Dog – Parts One, Two & Three in conjunction with How Can I Slow the Dog Down?– looking at how to achieve that all-important steady and consistent working pace.

All of these tutorials can be found within the STOPPING category in the tutorials library.

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