Finally – a new DVD in the shop

We’ve added a new Cattle Ranching DVD to our store

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer stock the “Rocky Mountain Cowboys” DVD in the DVD Store.

Just to prove that I don’t spend all my time doting over puppies (though I could) I’m finally getting around to putting new DVDs on the online shop. I suggested, a couple of weeks ago, that I’d dedicate an entire week to it. Well, that didn’t quite work out as planned, so progress is slow – but steady.

Cover picture of Rocky Mountain Cowboys DVD
We no longer stock this DVD

The new DVD is another by Dylan Winter, whose has proved incredibly popular – we’ve sent copies all over the world (even to New Zealand!). Rocky Mountain Cowboys is about real life on the open range.

Filmed on a 250,000 acre ranch in Wyoming, it describes a year in the working life of the cowboys who manage huge herds on this immense area, spending several months a year living in very basic log cabins at 8,000 feet. Far away from the comforts of their “home on the range”.

I’m hoping it’ll appeal to any dairy or beef farmer with aspirations to something bigger – or maybe who just would like a legitimate excuse to sit with his or her feet up for 85 minutes!

I’m sourcing DVDs about other collie-related activities, so I’d be happy to hear from anyone who’s producing their own DVD and would be interested in selling it through the website.

PLEASE NOTE – We no longer stock the “Rocky Mountain Cowboys” DVD in the DVD Store.

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