Hello! My Name’s Mew

Border collie sheepdog puppy Mew bounding towards the camera

Meg and Ezra puppy Mew enjoying herself in the garden this morning

This is Mew – one of Meg and Ezra‘s latest litter and of course, granddaughter of dear old Mel. Mew’s not for sale, she’s staying here with us!

Rough coated tri-colour border collie sheepdog puppy, Mew
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Mew’s certainly a good looking pup and she’s got an awful lot to live up to. Her “aunt” is Carew who together with Mel are clearly the two best sheepdogs we’ve ever had.

We’re confident Mew will make the grade and be just as good as our other Meg and Ezra pups, such as Bronwen, Scylla and Odo – all of which are well on their way to becoming first class sheep and cattle dogs. She has a lot to live up to, but so far, there’s every sign she’ll do more than just make the grade.




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