Herding Sheep and Cattle at Dean Farm

In true stock dog fashion, Carew launches herself at one of the troublesome cattle

Carew at work with sheep and cattle

Yesterday’s routine trip to Dean Farm turned out to be more challenging than I expected when first Carew had to gather thirty ewes with lambs which were mixed up with an equal number of young cattle, and then she had to return some renegade calves to the field they’d escaped from.

the inquisitive cattle investigate the 4x4
Gathering the ewes and lambs was no problem in itself until a group of excited cattle came to see what was going on. Carew drove them away from the sheep but then they paid rather too much attention to the Honda 4×4.
Brave Carew faces the cattle at close quarters
The cattle were persistent and excited, refusing to move away from the Honda but Carew bravely stood up to them.
In true stock dog fashion, Carew launches herself at one of the troublesome cattle
The cattle were eventually driven away from the vehicle when Carew took it upon herself to become more assertive.
Herding dog Carew is challenged by a ewe which is defending its lamb
One of the ewes was very aggressive towards Carew but she stood up to it bravely and the sheep moved down the farm drive and into the yard without much fuss.
One of the ewes has produced a very late lamb
As we brought the small flock into the yard, I noticed that one of them had produced a very late lamb. Here Carew keeps the sheep in place while I secure the gate.
Carew is challenged by an over-enthusiastic calf
Once the sheep were gathered, John asked me whether Carew might be able to return some calves to the field they had escaped from while he was feeding them earlier. In this picture, Carew is bravely facing a calf which is refusing to move.
Carew drives a young bullock back to the rest of the herd
The calves were in a high state of excitement, but Carew managed to re-group them and move them towards the field they came from.
Carew wins and the calves head back to their field
Eventually the small herd of calves headed back to their field and the somewhat exhausted Carew had a large drink and a well deserved rest.
Facing inquisitive cattle can be daunting for a dog
For such a small animal to be undaunted by these large creatures which can kill a dog with just one kick, never ceases to amaze me.

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