How to keep sheep

Do you have Sheep on Your Smallholding?
(SORRY – we no longer stock these DVDs)

Front cover of Establishing Your Flock - a DVD for sheep keepers
DVDs for new shepherds

Until I tried sheep work with my Border collie collection I’d had very little to do with sheep, other than in a culinary way. It wasn’t long before I abandoned agility and obedience altogether, and concentrated my efforts on achieving something near to a working standard where I wouldn’t embarrass myself on the trials field (and I might achieve it yet).

It was a natural progression to keeping my own sheep. It’s so much easier, and more fun, to be able to take your dog out to train when the fancy takes you – rather than having to travel to someone else’s sheep only to get there to discover you’re having “one of those days”.

Of course, with the new sheep came a whole new voyage of discovery i.e. how to find and choose sheep, how to contain them once I’d got them, and how to keep them healthy if I managed to contain them. Experience being that thing you’ve always got just seconds after you needed it, I learned from my mistakes (as did the sheep – don’t ever believe that sheep are stupid!) and I struggled through, but I really wish that the Smallholder Series sheep keeping DVDs had been available all those years ago.

Armed with these information-packed DVDs you can be sure that you’re doing the best for your flock, even if the sheep themselves seem to be working against you!

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