It just gets busier and busier!

Sheep at water trough
Even the sheep seem to appreciate the better weather.

Well, after a couple of false starts, it seems spring is really here at last!

The fields are greener, the hedges and trees are coming into leaf and not least of all, the sun is shining! I’m not a lover of hot weather (I’ve never enjoyed sunbathing) but the last few days have been perfect for me. Plenty of warm sunshine but a gentle cooling breeze to make life comfortable.

In weather like this, I can work. When it’s too hot, I find it extremely difficult. With the ground dryer and lots more daylight, it means the dogs get out more too, so that’s a big plus.

The only drawback with spring is that you realise you really must get on with all the jobs that have been delayed by the winter. Not to worry, at least it’s comfortable to work when it’s like this.

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