Just you wait till I get this plaster off!

Poor Lupin can’t wait to get the plaster cast off her leg

Sheepdog puppy Lupin with her leg in plaster, eyeing the sheep through a fence
Lupin watches the sheep closely. Note the plaster cast on her right rear leg. (Click to enlarge).

This is Lupin with her leg in plaster, the day before she went back to the vet to have it removed. She broke her tibia in two places and there was a fold in the fibula on the 31st of January – after she was caught-up in some rough play between Ezra and Brad – two of Mel and Eli’s pups (now just under a year old).

Poor Lupin is already taking an interest in sheep, and has been severely restricted since the accident. She clearly can’t wait to get back to normal.

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